Drivers Ditch Tesla: I Don’t Want It to Be ‘the New MAGA Hat’

Drivers Ditch Tesla: I Don’t Want It to Be ‘the New MAGA Hat’

Drivers Ditch Tesla: I Don’t Want It to Be ‘the New MAGA Hat’

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32 thoughts on “Drivers Ditch Tesla: I Don’t Want It to Be ‘the New MAGA Hat’

  1. The article isn’t claiming to represent the population at whole. It also isn’t claiming to know what percentage of EV buyers are avoiding Tesla because of Musk’s politics. It could be 1% and it could be 50%, no one knows and no one claims to know.

    But these people do exist and Musk is driving them away. My wife’s next car was going to be a Tesla, even before the Model 3 was released she had decided that a Model S was worth it. But we were waiting for our existing car to die and by the time it did Musk had become a source of Covid misinformation that was publicly fighting against Covid restrictions. When i started looking at cars my wife told me she no longer wanted a Tesla specifically because of Musk.

    People in this thread can bury their heads in the sand, but this is a real thing.

  2. I was on the fence about Tesla just because of all the QC issues; my wife was fairly anti-Tesla because she says they’re driven exclusively by douchebags.

    Then Musk went full Qtard and we both decided HELL NO ARE WE EVER BEING SEEN IN ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

  3. I personally know of a few people who refuse to buy Tesla because of Musk and I’m among them. Got a Polestar 2 instead. Our best friends are getting an EV6 because they just can’t stomach being associated with Elon. The hero worship this guy still gets is really telling about our society and what we value.

  4. I bought an Ioniq 5 earlier this month… before purchasing I drew up a spreadsheet of the available (or semi-available lmao) EV’s on the market, with all sorts of pros/cons of each. Ioniq was my top choice and (narrowly!) was able to find one at a decent price.

    with all my careful considerations, with all the frustrations over dealerships, without great 3rd party charging infrastructure in my area — I wouldn’t even bother *considering* Teslas. no way in hell do I want to associate myself with that guy or give him money.

  5. Elon has publicly thrown his lot in with the idiotic, racist, anti-democracy, anti-science, anti-common sense, anti-decency MAGA Moron Mafia. So I’m not gonna buy a Tesla. I’m also not gonna buy a pillow from that f!@king pillow idiot.

    This stuff ain’t hard, folks.

  6. It may not really matter a LOT in the long run, but Musk’s words do indeed have a detrimental effect in the company. Throwing an arbitrary number out there: maybe they sell 950,000 vs 1,000,000 due to Tesla avoidance.

  7. The truth is that the VAST majority of normal humans don’t make purchasing decisions based on the politics of the company.

    Plenty of liberal parents take their kids to Chick fil A.

    Plenty of conservatives enjoy Ben and Jerry’s.

    Tesla will be no different.

  8. I really don’t want my car to be interpreted as a political statement. I can’t control what other people think though.

    I own a V8 pickup truck and a Kona EV.

    If I drive the EV I’m a “Libtard” and if I drive the pickup I’m a “redneck.” Average them out, and you get the centrist I really am.

  9. A couple of weeks ago I drove my Model S from Texas to Minnesota and back. It’s a magnificent road tripping machine.

    Elon Musk was not my road trip buddy, nor did I wish for him to be.

  10. Give me a break. I really dislike Elon Musks behavior online and offline behavior for years, think in a lot of ways he’s a terrible role model, and think he’s using deceptive marketing tactics to sell his vehicles. At the same time he’s built a great company. I really actually do believe he’s playing 4D chess with some of his recent political posts, if you want everyone to drive a Tesla in todays polarised tribal political landscape, Tesla can’t be seen as only a vehicle for one side of the spectrum. Teslas have been perceived as green “liberal” electric cars and they’ve been doing a fine job selling to those folks. Now he needs the other half of the political spectrum to buy a Tesla and he’s trying to muddy the waters.

  11. My partner really wanted to buy a Tesla until recently with Elon’s dumbassery. Now he doesn’t want anything to do with that brand since it is so strongly tied to Elon’s dumbassery.

  12. Tesla just became the best selling car in California, you know the state with the most Democrats and liberals. Only stupid people would base their decisions of buying stuff on politics. Most people don’t give a shit about what reddit thinks.

  13. A lot of people don’t drive a Tesla just because they don’t want a Tesla. They were a trending fad at one point but now you just see them everywhere. You know how after you buy a car, you notice them on the road a lot more? I don’t even drive a Tesla but can’t help but notice a dozen of them just going to the grocery store and back. I bought an ID.4 because it’s not a Model 3 and is a lot more refreshing to the eyes

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