Driving a Bolt EUV from Dallas to Chicago

Driving a Bolt EUV from Dallas to Chicago


Here is an interesting video that includes a first person account of driving a Bolt EUV from Dallas to Chicago over 2 days. The first 7 and a half minutes are about getting to Chicago in the Bolt – definitely doable if you plan ahead.

Link: https://youtu.be/5BfxUiF58Co

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6 thoughts on “Driving a Bolt EUV from Dallas to Chicago

  1. 100% doable. I’m glad people are putting videos out like this to show it can be done without a worry.

    I’ve made a couple 900-1100 mile trips and the only Bolt-specific issue is charging time relative to total trip time. Not a single issue otherwise. And people think they need 500+ mile EVs…

    I’ve just learned to have a little fun at my charging stops – ride my bike, fly a drone, take a walk, etc. Plan ahead with ABRP, have fun when charging, and enjoy the adventure!

  2. That was pretty informative. I think people often forget how important it is to stop and rest on road trips. Given how unsafe the roads are, with most people seemingly driving with their eyes glued to a phone, the last thing we need is tired drivers. Fast-charging meshes nicely with mainstream driving behaviour.

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