Driving the Mach e on Co-Pilot on Backroads

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4 thoughts on “Driving the Mach e on Co-Pilot on Backroads”
  1. Wasn’t Co-Pilot supposed to come in a future update as a subscription? Or was it some specific functionality under the Co-Pilot brand? Getting confusing with each manufacturer making up a bunch of different sub-brands for these things.

  2. I don’t think I would personally be using automated driving on these types of roads any time soon. That being said I’m glad he did do the test, just to see how it performs. And he also tested a [Model Y](https://youtu.be/pHzx2RI93yI) on country roads and it seemed to handle it much better. Still I’m sure Ford’s will get better with time.

    Anyone remember The 6th Day? It’s a Sci-fi movie taking place in the future. In it there is a scene where the car drives itself on the highway and then the user takes over. That really is where I see automated driving being more valuable, when on long trips, and not in construction.

  3. Great way to get killed. Call me in 15+ years when these systems are genuinely safe. Besides, I like to drive my cars. Right now they are an experiment. Like Tesla’s summon, just saw a recent video of summon in a car park that was clearly an accident waiting to happen. A human in the scenario I watched would have imagined a line and created a wide 90° turn for added safety, whereas the Tesla decided to drive to the person at 45° across the space which would be called the stupidest driver ever where it a human driving. Fail test right there. You are the weakest link, goodbye.

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