Electric Cars and the Power Grid – Skeptoid Podcast

Electric Cars and the Power Grid – Skeptoid Podcast


Electric Cars and the Power Grid – Skeptoid Podcast

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3 thoughts on “Electric Cars and the Power Grid – Skeptoid Podcast

  1. Very well written article that efficiently skewers the current grid panic out there. Highly recommended reading. Skip the audio version. I’m very familiar with this topic area and I’ve had some thoughts I’ve been wanting to put down for some time. Typically when you go into something in this mode you come out disappointed when it doesn’t cover all the bespoke topic or frame the subject exactly the same way you would. This is true even if the article is really good. I have to say not only did they cover everything I would have, they added a few very good points on top so I learned something too.

    More than any other hot political topic this one is the easiest to get your head around and become essentially an expert. It isn’t that difficult to understand and even if you don’t want to become an expert, you can learn enough to see how [crazy the debate is](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5025035/user-clip-massie-buttigieg). When one side is making arguments about installing 25 refrigerators in every US household and the other side can’t argue with them because they need to be pro-infrastructure spending you know it’s a mess. I at least get the side that is saying “lets build out the grid”, even if it’s just a cover for spending money on other things. I don’t get the side that is saying the sky will fall if we go EV.

  2. TL;DL:

    Don’t worry about grid capacity because it only has to expand 2% a year. And on top of this all of this other stuff is going to happen which will eliminate requirement for EV drivers to charge vehicles at a time of high use. Also touches on idea that maybe grid owner can regulate when cars charge which will spread demand out.

    I guess my concern about all of these “it will work out, the grid will expand” solutions is ‘Why do you assume that’?

    Utility companies have never shown a willingness to make the grid more robust or expand capacity without charging the consumer for that.

    Podcast mentions bidirectional charging and grid. It is only a matter of time until the utilities are charging us for this privilege to them. Heck I have a solar array that I cannot hook up on my house because PEPCO says that the neighborhood transformer needs to be upgraded and they want me to pay for that. $20K. So I am a little skeptical of the whole, “it will work out” argument.

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