Electric Vehicle Owner Describes ‘Charging Anxiety’ in DC

Electric Vehicle Owner Describes ‘Charging Anxiety’ in DC


Electric Vehicle Owner Describes ‘Charging Anxiety’ in DC

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11 thoughts on “Electric Vehicle Owner Describes ‘Charging Anxiety’ in DC

  1. I live in DC. There are lots of problems here…lots…but I am scratching my head at a perceived lack of charging infrastructure. It is true that there is ZERO DC govt supported infrastructure. It is as if Republicans took over as it is all commercially installed by private companies hoping to attract business. DC govt talks a big deal about going green but does everything possible to thwart real change.

    I distill Dansby’s complaint to, “I don’t have home parking.”

    This is a real issue. It is also a reality of living on Capital Hill. Everybody knows that. Even ICE owners know they will not be parking in front of their houses. Again, this will be solved by public infrastructure, which there is tons of once you look past the fact there is no DC driven initiative.

    I will add that there is also a lot of private parking in his area that now has J1772 and Tesla destination chargers. It costs money to park there, but this is DC, your car has a better chance of not getting stolen as well.

  2. >“Because I don’t have home charging, there’s a lot more variables that you just don’t know, until you actually own it,“

    This is similar to a person buying a car that needs premium and being shocked at how expensive it really is. Could have been avoided if they did some scouting in their area.

  3. It’s a problem in every city I visit. Better to charge up before entering the city. Because once you leave the interstate and are in the city it becomes a frustrating maze of streets, traffic and ultimately chargers hidden inside garages or locations that are not obvious. Or you have to pay just to get to them and park there. Not unreasonable and probably not that much different than finding gas stations probably. But all cities seem to have this problem in my experience. But the interstates and rest stops between them are getting very good.

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