Electric Vehicles Took Off. Car Makers Weren’t Ready

Electric Vehicles Took Off. Car Makers Weren’t Ready


Electric Vehicles Took Off. Car Makers Weren’t Ready

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14 thoughts on “Electric Vehicles Took Off. Car Makers Weren’t Ready

  1. I’m not even sure it caught them flat footed, it’s hard to ramp production in normal times, that much harder in the last two years. We’re just used to car companies not being supplied limited and just bolting on new trim pieces and calling it a new model. These are ground up new platforms. They might as well be building fishing boats for all they have in common with their current production lines. It’s not like they can even build enough of their old line of cars either so it’s the perfect storm for them.

  2. Carmakers weren’t ready because they chose not to be ready. They have been trying to put this off for decades. The ridiculous success of Tesla has taught them the error of their ways.

  3. EV manufacturers or EV battery manufacturers?
    It takes at least 4 years for a major update of a current model. Probably closer to a clean sheet design.
    GM with its Ultium structure seems to be well set to take advantage of new ev demand due to this new platform.
    Almost impossible for car manufacturers to pop out new ev models so quickly

  4. Partner is trying to buy a new (electric / plug-in hybrid) car right now and it’s impossible. Everywhere we’ve called is telling us insane weight times (up to 3 years from some, what the fuck?).

    This shit will never catch on if you can’t buy one.

  5. In Europe they tell you that maybe you should turn the lights off more often and lower the temperature in winter and there might be required rolling blackouts but while encouraging EVs.

    Ive seen the Covid paradox, but this one now too?

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