Electrify America Outage?

Electrify America Outage?


Noticed quite a bit of grey stations but I haven’t seen anything about a large issue.

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  1. An email went out yesterday that they would be updating systems starting yesterday afternoon. It was only supposed to affect the app, not charging, but perhaps it’s affecting what shows as available within the app.

  2. I just drove San Diego to Houston via EA charging. Arrived today. Only one station was offline, Columbus TX.. It is always offline. I didn’t have to stop at that one anyway, I have enough range to go every two stations in certain places.

  3. Does the gray mean they’re not connected to the network or that the chargers are down? I thought the default when they lost network connection was that they’d still charge but not bill the user.

  4. Driving the stretch from Chicago to Denver today. I’m at my penultimate stop and EA have all (bar one) been on free vend. Ogallala, NE was all down apart from one, and that one didn’t get the memo. Would only work with debit card (didn’t charge me, but would not initiate charge from app or from RFID) all the rest were a dream. Plug > charge.

    Called service and the agent said because of the update all locations are offline to them – they cannot reboot units…. Sounds like a bit of a mess to me.

    The rest of the stops were reasonably uneventful, usual 4 stalls and half out of service shenanigans though.

  5. they’ve been having issues for a few days now. this past weekend I went to my usual charger, and with 3 cars already charging there, it was not showing up in the map on the app and a search for it by name turned up a gray “unavailable” icon. i was still able to go in and start a charge though (since the card reader was, as always, not working)

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