Electrify America wants to make EV chargers as easy to use as gas pumps

Electrify America wants to make EV chargers as easy to use as gas pumps


Electrify America wants to make EV chargers as easy to use as gas pumps

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25 thoughts on “Electrify America wants to make EV chargers as easy to use as gas pumps

  1. Good steps being made, but if you truly want to be as easy as gas pumps then all the chargers at a station need the same potential output and be able balance between all of them. I understand though that’s not an easy task, hopefully some day we get there. Until then there are always going to be people who don’t understand charging rates (and frankly they shouldn’t have to) that hog higher speed chargers that they don’t even benefit from. That said, even those who do understand charging rates, I’ve still found myself having to use 350kW stalls because I couldn’t actually get 150kW out of the 150kW stall.

  2. That’s a bit of a low bar, isn’t it?

    I’d say the Supercharger network is already superior to gas pumps. Enter an address into your nav, the car automatically finds charging stops, plug-and-charge at each location worry-free.

  3. If anything, these labels are going to result in people with slower charging cars taking up the 350kw spaces because they want to “hyper” charge (even more than they do now).

    Why don’t they fix the station in SF (really the only one close to downtown) that’s been totally broken for a month? 4/4 chargers have been down.

  4. Went from Los Angeles to San Diego this past weekend. Needed to make one stop to charge up for 15ish minutes. All of the charging stops are EA charging locations.

    First charging stop: completely full with one car already waiting to charge (this was close to 10:30PM).

    2nd charging stop: 1 stall available, charge rate maxes out at 12KW. Didn’t realize until almost 20 minutes into charging. Stopped and decided to try another charging station elsewhere.

    3rd charging stop: First stall, fails. Second stall, fails. 3rd stall was in use by another vehicle. 4th stall… finally works! Charged for 15 minutes and got home. Wife and kids not happy.

  5. Balancing is great. It will be needed more than ever when people automatically go to the open stall with the most ultra-hyper-super-whatever. But that sounds like a hardware upgrade rather than a sticker upgrade, so I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Everyone whining about apps, but EA already had credit card readers and could be used just like a gas pump. Their decision to improve labeling is obviously needed.

    > Finally, it will make paying easier, too. You can charge at a station as a member (via NFC) or guest (credit/debit card terminal), **but many users didn’t know which to use**. To that end, the company has created new labels to indicate that the NFC target area is where members should tap their phones. **The credit card readers are more clearly labeled as well, so guests can more easily understand where to insert their card**.

  7. Apparently EA thinks that having morons run the maintenance and support departments wasn’t enough and stuffed marketing with them as well.

    The “different” colors are literally identical for most people and the names are not only stupid but also extremely limiting.

    When the 500kW+ speeds come around what are they gonna do? Use limegreen for the color and “plaid fast” for the speed?

  8. A couple of things here:

    1. It’s great to give names to the charging speeds, while I don’t particularly like ultra fast and hyper.
    2. Balancing is definitely needed and I hope it works well
    3. The payment part is the most annoying currently. It’s very easy to miss where you switch over to being a member. If they have a member only NFC contact that would be great but they should have back ups (Reading an QR from a phone or just a manual ID input)

    All of this needs to be standardized among EA, EVGo, ChargePoint, etc. or else it’s still going to be a pain. It’s already annoying that some you plug in and then pay and others you pay then plug in.

  9. Hopefully they really concentrate on reliability of the Point-of-Sale system in wider temperature ranges. In my experience, the ones in hotter climates are more likely to have a broken screen or malfunctioning POS system. In cooler climates (mostly California), they seem to be more reliable.

  10. Six years ago, I had no end of difficulties with using level 3 chargers, because my brain kept telling me to use them like gas pumps. Now I have learned to use them like chargers, instead.

    Why can’t it be like this:

    1. Pull up.
    2. Present credit card (or optional membership card).
    3. Get “approved” message.
    4. Insert charger plug.

    I have never, ever had to call a toll-free number and sit on hold for 10 minutes while trying to get a gas pump to work.

  11. If they want this to work they need to get more EV charging companies on board for brand recognition. They still have a lot to be desired in how we pay for these. Credit cards or apps should work for all EV chargers regardless of network.

  12. I have only used a EA DCFC once to just test if my car worked with it. Apparently EA and Ford have not gotten the ability to plug and charge and use the discounted member pricing yet. Note: I am not a member.

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