Equinox EV in the flesh. Looks even better in person!

Equinox EV in the flesh. Looks even better in person!


Equinox EV in the flesh. Looks even better in person!

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43 thoughts on “Equinox EV in the flesh. Looks even better in person!

  1. The blazer looks lumpy compared to this. This design is sleeker. IMO Neither looks as cool as the fisker ocean. They both look very “sporty chevy” which isn’t my taste. But if I had to get a Chevy it would be this.

  2. The Equinox EV is a great looking car, but the black grill looks odd in this picture. I’m guessing it looks better in person. I prefer the matching color grill, so I might go for the 3LT depending on what the price and packages turn out to be. I really like the colors for the Ioniq 5 and I wish Chevy had some more interesting choices for the Equinox. The Ioniq 5 also beats it for horsepower and I’m guessing this will be heavier as it’s larger. Overall I’m impressed with this vehicle so far and I don’t think Chevy did anything really dumb. The interior looks great with a nice infotainment system and the knobs and switches that I like to have. And it has a rear wiper, so it beats the Ioniq there. : )

  3. Yeah, just what we don’t need: yet another huge EV that takes forever to charge, clogs up the road, and does nothing for climate change. What we do need are inexpensive, reliable, and safe personal mobility vehicles for one or two people. The vast majority of trips are short and solo. It makes absolutely no sense to drive a 2-ton car to transport a 200 lb. person solo. What we need are small, lightweight, quick-charging personal vehicles with small cargo capacity. The fact that none exist just shows how Americans are a bunch of brainwashed sheep fawning over the wealthy. They want their tiny egos stroked by the big vehicle. The media, automakers, and the wealthy all want you to believe that you’re saving the planet by purchasing these big EV’s. You’re not. You’re just giving the automakers more profits. They are not your friends. They don’t give a shit about you. Americans became scared after the events of 9/11. They wanted their own personal armored military vehicle for protection. That’s why Hummers used to be so popular. That’s why SUV’s became popular as well. It’s all about fear, and it’s about history.

    Back when we thought we had unlimited gasoline and no worries about the climate or the environment, we got ego strokes from the “bigger is better” automobile. Then, in 1973, the oil embargo happened. Americans freaked out. Suddenly, big was not better and smaller was desired. After America made a deal with the devil to end the embargo, we elected Reagan to the White House. We all thought that the discovery of North Sea Oil would save us. In the 1980’s, suddenly, it was ok to be wealthy and to show off a big or really fast car. Well, Thatcher let all of the oil be used up quickly, and now all of those fields are in deep decline. Bigger got even bigger after 9/11. Now, Americans are convinced that they need a 4-passenger vehicle to drive to work solo. They demand to have their too-big vehicle to drive to the doctor’s office as well. They have SUV’s that never get used for their intended cargo carrying capacity. They have big trucks that never haul anything.

    Buying an SUV EV is ludicrous. It’s not saving the planet. Chevy is just feeding your ego with this garbage. If you ever actually need that much capacity, rent one for a day. The data show that the vast majority of trips are short and solo. No one needs a big SUV to do that.

    Using the smallest practical vehicle for your transportation needs is the best thing we can do for the climate. I bought an e-bike, since there’s a grocery store 2 miles from me. There is no point in driving a big EV less than 5 miles solo for a few groceries.

    John makes a good case for the smallest reasonable vehicle to get you from A to B.


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