EU Could Ban PHEVs

EU Could Ban PHEVs

EU Could Ban PHEVs

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12 thoughts on “EU Could Ban PHEVs

  1. *laughs in Canadian where subsidies amounts are based on battery size*

    Seriously our subsidy makes tons of sense, if your battery is big enough, full subsidy…. if not, partial subsidy.

  2. Meh. I’d be comfortable with such a ban, but I it feels largely unnecessary. PHEVs satisfy a sector of need right now, but in fairly short order, probably by the end of this decade, they will not be a compelling option in most high-volume categories. They will diminish organically.

    Now, removing subsidies for PHEVs? That I am 100% on board with.

  3. Eh, not taking anything I hear from Autoline Network seriously after that garbage misleading report that VW had “153 days of inventory” of the ID.4.

    I feel like they just hear something from someone and just roll with it as a legitimate report without looking remotely into it at all.

  4. Just got a PHEV myself and started using it for work. Currently I make two 130KM trips, and 6 10km commutes per week. One issue I’ve found is it really only makes sense to charge at home, or at work if they have J1772 chargers already.

    I drive to a hotel (130km) for the week, and while they have a 120V outlet I can use, I’m risking leaving a $300 EVSE cable out at night unsecured. All to save $10 in gas for the 60km commute that week, and 60km of the 130km return trip. The car is pretty efficient as a hybrid at 6L/100km.

    Since it doesn’t fast charge (3.3KW), and paid charges still charge per time (not Kw), it makes no sense, and costs far more to charge at one. Far cheaper to put in 3L of gas instead. (One Flo station I checked was $20/h)

    I think I’ve come up with a way to secure the EVSE to prevent thefts of opportunity, which means I could reduce my gas usage to 140/320km. The initial and return distance of the job site does mean I use a fair bit of gas. While others I could easily be all, or close to full electric use.

  5. [Real-world usage of PHEV](

    “PHEV fuel consumption and tail-pipe CO2 emissions in real-world driving, on average, are approximately two to four times higher than type-approval values.”

    “The real-world share of electric driving for PHEVs, on average, is about half the share considered in the type-approval values.”

    Study done on 100000 PHEVs. In real world they go 37% on electric power, for privately owned cars, and 20% for company owned cars.

    60% to 80% of the time they are ICE cars.

    Quote from another [article]( also from icct:

    “This is not just an interesting factlet. It turns out to be a significant problem for the EU’s climate policy. Not only do PHEVs help manufacturers meet their CO2 targets under EU regulations while contributing little to reducing real-world CO2 emissions. They are also subsidized by many member states as an allegedly climate-friendly alternative to conventional vehicles, which boosts their sales numbers and compounds the harm to the climate that these vehicles actually do.”

  6. Did they figure out where to get enough batteries to convert 100% of car production to BEVs in the next decade yet?

    Or is the point not to reduce emissions as fast as possible, but to reduce emissions from the select few percent who will feel smug and blame the climate change on everyone else?

  7. Not sure about banning them, but 100% they should quit being subsidized. They should be treated as a gas car in every way because that is how the vast majority are treated by those that own them.

  8. PHEV are not EVs. period. They are ICE cars with taxpayer subsidized electric motors. Volvo… “electric cars with a back up…” BS really gets my goat!

    EDIT: go ahead all you hybrid ICE PHEV drivers, vote me down but you know it…,

  9. The facts are well known, but fought tooth and nail by those supporting ICE.

    Here in CA you can get all the BEV perks for a PHEV that will not even make half your commute on a full charge.

    Let’s see how PHEVs sell when they have no subsidies.

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