EV Charge Station Availability Survey

EV Charge Station Availability Survey


Hello, I am a university student interested in the availability of EV Charge Stations. I have put together a survey to gather some thoughts from the community to see where problems lie in order to come up with a solution.

You can access the quick survey here:
[EV Charge Station Survey](https://forms.gle/w4NNNcBrCgZRJJuv6)

The survey does not collect any personal information and was approved by moderators.

Thanks so much for your time and contribution!

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4 thoughts on “EV Charge Station Availability Survey

  1. In the interests of improving the survey, I’ll make some comments on questions:-

    *If planning for a long trip, is your plan based upon charging stations along the way?* This is ambiguous. Do you mean “do you plan where you will stop along the way”, or “do you define your destination based on locations of charging stations”, (or even something in between).

    *How often do you need to charge your EV car in a week?* I have recorded my “mileage per day”, and some days I would have to charge when I get home, sometimes I could go several days. How would I answer this?

    *Does your living situation effect how accessible charging your car is? (ex. apartment, detached house, basement suite) ?* First, the word you need is “affect”, not “effect”. How do I answer this? I live in a home with a garage containing my EVSE, so the answer is YES. If I lived in an apartment where I had access to an EVSE or DCFC, my answer would also be YES. If I lived in an apartment where there was no way to connect to an electrical source, my answer would be YES. Can you think of a case where the answer would be NO?

    *Would you feel more confident if you knew you had a resource in case of an emergency (ex. a mobile option to request for a charger to be brought to your location ie. on the highway)?* By “charger”, do you actually mean “charger” or do you mean an EVSE with a battery behind it, maybe on a truck. An actual DCFC (DC Fast Charger) would be technically and financially challenging to say the least. It all comes down to what you mean in terms of charge time. And how much one is prepared to pay for it. Personally, I think I’d be happy with a tow service.

    *Are you willing to pay more to have your own charging station at home?* “More” than what? What do you mean by “charging station”, an EVSE? Do you mean “do you have an EVSE at home?”

    *What is your driving range like? (City driving or highway driving).* I’m not sure that the word “range” is appropriate. Do you mean “pattern”? I’ll assume you’re asking if I’m a highway driver or a city driver. Considering my own real world driving, I’d say that my driving pattern is a mixture of both. Probably a fifty/fifty mix. How do you expect me to answer this?

    Hope this helps

  2. Couple of bad questions:

    How often do you charge – Sorry, but I float, sometimes almost every night for 2 hours, sometimes every 3 days. It all depends on what I am doing. Normally I go from 20-80%, charging when free, at home or just when convenient. I never just go charge.

    Would you feel more confident if you knew you had a resource in case of an emergency – Came with the car. As far as charging, I carry a full set of plugs and adapters. RV parks can save your arse when all else fails.

  3. >How often do you need to charge your EV car in a week?


    I don’t know how to answer this. I plug my car in every day at home, but I don’t know how long it takes to to charge. I just plug it in when I get home and it’s charged by the time I get up the next morning.

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