I live in a 2-storey block of flats, and was wondering how feasible it would be to get an EV charger. Our car park is across a one-lane drive, but there is a tube underneath it that carries wires for some lights, and it wouldn’t be hard to run another cable through it. The parking is shared, but in theory there could be a reserved space for me.

Edit: I live in the UK. I also noticed that Pod Point has a [specific webpage](https://pod-point.com/solutions/driver/apartment-charging) for apartments.

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5 thoughts on “EV charger for a block of flats”
  1. You will likely need to rope in whatever property management company you have. Who pays for the electricity for the lights will have an opinion for who pays what for installing and/or operating the EVSE.

    Similarly, local electrical code will have a strong influence on how easy/difficult an installation will be.

  2. Running wire is the easy part. There are a lot of variables. Especially in multi unit housing. I suggest getting a quote from a local electrician.

  3. Hope you can get it figured out. My electrician told me the conduits have to be separate for each unit but this is for row housing in Canada.

  4. Don’t overthink it. Very likely you just need a power point. Going for a specific EV charger often just means the electrician charges you more.

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