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Went down a bit of a rabbit-hole after reading that other states have specialized EV license plates. I wanted one but North Carolina doesn’t have one. The Plug-in NC coalition is doing a campaign to get the 500 signatures to get one. They have a grant to cover the $10 fee for the first 500 people for the first year, and have about 340 who have signed up so far. Here’s the form [https://pluginnc.com/evplateinterestform/](https://pluginnc.com/evplateinterestform/)

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2 thoughts on “EV License Plate in NC”
  1. It is nice to see someone promoting this, they have less than 57 days to collect over 160 applicants. I’ve got 4 or 5 applications for my own vehicles in on this attempt. I hope it’ll succeed, but my hope no longer springs eternal.

    This is the third attempt at getting this plate, and despite the strong urging from several of us who have been trying to make this a reality since 2016, they stuck with the full color design instead of pivoting to the simpler (300 applicants needed) logo on a first in flight background when they had the chance. What could have been a guaranteed reality is now likely going to fail feet from the finish line.

    Please prove my pessimism wrong, EV owners of NC. I would like to stand corrected on my prediction of this outcome.

  2. I think EV plates (especially mandatory ones) are an antiquated idea. EVs are just cars now.

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