Even Tesla Can’t Overcome Australian Hostility to Electric Cars

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6 thoughts on “Even Tesla Can’t Overcome Australian Hostility to Electric Cars”
  1. Which is nuts, because they have no oil, and unlimited amounts of land and sunshine for solar. Why make OPEC rich, not Australia?

  2. The country nearly burns to the ground! Response: LETS BURN MORE STUFF!

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

  3. Australian here, also Model 3 owner. Australians aren’t hostile to EVs per se, it’s our Liberal/National coalition who are the political arm of the coal industry that are the problem. Tesla sells every Model 3 they make, and we an’t get them fast enough.

    Hyundai Kona Electric should also fare well, and Kia would sell every eNiro they import if they could just import some.

    Bloomberg is railing against the wrong people. It’s not the government they need to convince but the voters. It’s also the wrong issue to campaign on, the low hanging fruit is Scotty From Marketing being the kind of doofus who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery ( and will then blame everyone else for his ineptitude).

    IMHO Bloomberg is low quality journalism and you shouldn’t waste your time reading it.

  4. Tesla would the last company to break through here. Cars are pretty expensive here. EVS more so and Tesla’s are even more expensive EVs, combine that with the government refusal for any positive EV policies and saying EVs are a war on the weekend because they can’t tow a boat or caravan and take 8 hours to charge. Yeah they’re not breaking through.

  5. I may be off base here, but isn’t Australia where you have people in small midsize pickups with extra gas tanks strapped to the back because of all the space in between gas stations/ civilization? If you are travelling long distances gas is still king for now, even if the long travel distances aren’t reality for most Australians

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