Much like Chad has written about previously, I was invited by Ford to participate in the 2016 Explorer Platinum Adventure Tour. I was on the very first leg of the trip; our route was from Vancouver to Kamloops in beautiful British Columbia. While I’m pretty pumped to give any new vehicle a try, I didn’t expect the Explorer to live up to it’s iconic namesake. I expected … [Read more…]


When an automaker flies a bunch of journalists out to a beautiful or exotic location, they do it because they want the journalist to enjoy themselves. A happy journalist ultimately leads to, hopefully, a happy review. The thing is, with the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum, they could’ve had launch event at the fiery gates of Hell and I still would’ve enjoyed the vehicle. The 2016 … [Read more…]

We spent several days in Canada as part of the Ford Explorer Platinum Adventure Tour. This tour allowed us to drive the new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum from Kamloops, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta. During this drive, we explored the beautiful scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and we got to live with the Ford Explorer Platinum the way a normal family might.We … [Read more…]

This past week, we were invited by the Ford Motor Company to their product introduction of the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. As part of the launch, they created several different driving adventures to experience the new vehicle in the native environment some of the buyers would experience. That means we boarded a plane to Kamloops, British Columbia to begin an epic drive across … [Read more…]

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The LA Auto Show is in full swing, and Ford has taken the cover off their 2016 Explorer. Redesigned for the new model year, the Explorer carries some new features and some new engines. One of the big stories is that it is receiving the 2.3L EcoBoost featured in the Lincoln MKC and Ford Mustang EcoBoost, and will be able to be equipped with the towing package with that engine. … [Read more…]

According to Ford, global demand of SUVs is up 88% since 2008, and utilities will make up 29% of total Ford vehicles sold by 2020. The newly redesigned Ford Edge is part of that equation, but another long-in-the-tooth Ford SUV is about to be refreshed; the Explorer. Ford officially announced today that the next-generation Ford Explorer will appear at the 2014 LA Auto … [Read more…]

Does having a family mean that a fan of horsepower and performance has to give up their sports car? Ford doesn’t think so. This week, we review the very big, and very fast, 2013 Ford Explorer Sport; a vehicle that attempts to do everything the more expensive Porsche and Mercedes-Benz SUVs can do, but not as pretentiously. It is a vehicle loaded with tech, has off-road … [Read more…]

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