Ezra Dyer: Tesla’s New Reality

Ezra Dyer: Tesla’s New Reality


Ezra Dyer: Tesla’s New Reality

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Read it Too  Saw somebody do this last week 😂

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  1. One thing regarding the charging network people ignore it isn’t just building more chargers, it’s maintaining the existing ones as well. I have plenty of EA chargers around me, as well as ones installed by our power company & one look at PlugShare shows multiple stations are down or have broken credit machines.

  2. I currently own a Tesla, but have considered other brands. I bought another Tesla because
    1. they don’t play pricing games. Do you want the car? Here’s the price. Simple.
    2. Although AA/AppleCP aren’t offered (yet), at least the functions that are available are well integrated and lag free. Maybe it will be added in a future update.
    3. The mobile app integration is the best in the industry.
    4.The lane keeping system is very good
    5. efficiency is high.
    6. performance is excellent.
    7. charging infrastructure is reliable.

    Other brands do many of those things, but not all. There are also some annoyances with Tesla, but not enough to be a deal breaker.

  3. IMO auto journalist that doesn’t get why Teslas are appealing because they see it through the lens of a traditional car. People buy Teslas for reasons other than because they are electric; if they did, then Nissan leaf and Chevy bolt would have sold way better. Supercharger network aside, some of the things that are still unique to Teslas (but really shouldn’t be):

    1. No power button, just get in and drive when you leave; just open the door when you’ve parked and the car will put itself in park.
    2. Butter smooth and reliable app integration; control just about anything on the car from the app, down to add/remove drivers via your app at any time. I got a friend to remotely give me access to his Tesla so I can drive it to a charger for him while he was out of town. Try doing that on another EV.
    3. SW integration in the car. The car knows my schedule and pre-condition the cabin so it’s nice and chilly even though it’s 100+F outside. With cloud profile I can just switch to my profile when I get into any Tesla. It gets feature updates not just bug fixes; blind spot cameras, seat belt pre-tensioning, car colorizer, stop light recognition and greenlight chime, boombox, Carwash mode… and the list goes on.

    Living with a Tesla is just different and more convenient than your average car, and IMO it’s not something that really shows up unless you’ve lived with or used the car for a few weeks or months and is missed if your job is to just review the car for a few days or a week and move on to the next car. Tesla’s advantage really doesn’t become glaring until you’ve daily one for a few months and then hop into a traditional car.

  4. I agree that Tesla needs to watch out but for completely different reasons that the author gives. Tesla still holds many advantages over other EVs both out now and coming to market soon. Sure there might be another EV that beats a Tesla at one of the big selling points below, but no single EV really beats it at more than one and Tesla has them all.

    * **Software Updates** – The car gets OTA updates and will for years. There are some cars that get updates but they tend to be small things and there is no track record of supporting updates for 10+ years on a car.
    * **Speed** – Outside of the new LFP Tesla’s, they are all fast. While there are some EVs that are faster than some Tesla models, not buy much and usually for a lot more cost
    * **Autopilot** – Sure you have SuperCruise, BlueCruise and HDA but none of them hold a candle to Tesla. SuperCruise is the closest but GM has bungled the marketing and release of it so badly no one has any faith in it anymore. Longer term GM will be the only one standing challenging Tesla but they have to change their marketing and approach.
    * **Charging** – Of course the article pointed this out, but its WAY bigger than implied by the author. We seem to be seeing CCS go down hill. Be very worried.
    * **Efficiency** – It’s not just the network, the cars themselves are so much more efficient than the competitors. This is why an EV6 charging significantly better than a Tesla still charges about the same speed.
    * **Availability** – Tesla sell probably 80% of the EVs in the US for 2022. Even if a “Tesla Killer” existed, you couldn’t buy it. Popular cars like the EV6 or Ioniq 5 of F-150 Lightning have sold in pathetic numbers because there are pathetic numbers for sell in the US. Only the MachE is putting out good numbers and even they are 20x less than Tesla. Tesla has nothing to worry about if any given car represents only 5% of the EV market when it has 80%.

    What Tesla should watch out for:

    * **Charging** – The government is going to spend $7.5B on charging. That is probably 3x-6x what Tesla has spent to date. If it’s deployed well it could destroy their advantage in charging. This is why Tesla isn’t trying to compete but rather capture that money so at least each charger is also a Tesla charger.
    * **Variety** – They can’t keep selling the same models with the same colors and wheels and basically no trim levels. They have to offer a truck, a van, bigger SUVs, etc. This is easily their weakest point and one that other manufactures are exploiting.
    * **Service** – They have to improve their service. So far it looks like they continue to make is less friendly to Tesla customers. While the cars don’t need service often, if they do it has to be good.
    * **Initial Quality** – While I think this is WAY overblown, it’s been used by other manufactures to successfully attack Tesla. Tesla’s only choice is to have better initial quality than the rest of the industry. This isn’t a bad thing and should be something they spend some margin to do.
    * **Software Updates** – As good as Tesla is compared to the competition right now, this could easily change. Tesla hasn’t been releasing new features as fast as they where in 2019. This isn’t because there are no features to be had, they simply haven’t put the effort in and seem to be putting everything into FSD instead.

  5. I dont get the argument about Android auto or carplay being so necessary. Yes they are better than nothing and better than almost all other car interfaces. I specifically got third part head units in my last two cars, VW GTI and Porsche Carrera, to get Android Auto because it was better than not having it. But the Tesla interface in my Model Y for navigation and basically everything else is FAR superior. I would not use Android Auto in it even if given the option, unless it was totally overhauled and optimized for the specific car.

    Having to plug in the phone to use it is a pain, and even though I had wireless Android Auto in the Porsche it took so much battery I had to keep it plugged in anyway and was just generally slower connection. The tesla is ready to go as soon as I’m in the car and automatically navigates to where I need to go. If I do need to pull up a place I have saved in my phone I can quickly send it from my phone to the car with a tap. Whereas if I need to find that place on Android Auto I have to unplug it because you can’t pull up maps app while connected, then find it and navigate to it, then plug back in. And half the time it doesn’t keep the navigation that you had open when it goes back to Android Auto mode. I have no experience with Carplay but my understanding is that it’s very similar. What am I missing?

  6. Tesla’s advantages are so deep, the idea that anyone is a threat to them has become a running joke.

    Their vertical integration is second to none in the industry. Their manufacturing process is second to none. They practice Agile design. They don’t even advertise. Their direct to consumer business model means lowest of the low OPEX. They don’t have middle-men dealerships. They own their charging network which happens to be best-in-class. They are constructing one of the World’s most powerful machine learning supercomputers.

    And all that is before discussing the advantages of the vehicles themselves, which others have already done in this thread.

    I think people are so caught up in the sensationalism and “newness” of other car companies jumping on the EV bandwagon and that Tesla is no longer the “only game in town” that they don’t understand what Tesla has coming down the pike.

    Tesla’s Model 3 and Y are cash cows the likes of which the Auto industry has not really seen before. Despite their extreme battery ramping efforts, they can’t keep up. Hence why they haven’t released any new models since the Y. They need all the batteries they can get their hands on. Once that constraint is eased, the floodgates are going to start really opening up. It’s all about building their war chest as fast as they can, and that is precisely what is happening. Meanwhile, every other auto company is going deep into hock while they shift gears to EVs.

  7. They were the first mass EV sellers, had the market pretty much to them selves. You could get a Leaf but they were not that practical, the early ones had like a 80 mile range in real life ? Plus poor battery management lead to stereotyping all EV’s as having short battery life. Tesla was about the only replacement for a gas car, you wanted an EV you bought a Tesla.

    Now 10 years later the big automakers are finally getting to EV’s, they could easily pass my Tesla in just a few years once they get into full production. I think many of these recent EV start up won’t make it at all this late into the game. Remember 2007, you wanted a smart phone you had a blackberry. Web, email, messaging, a few games, phone all in one. Blackberry messaging was like Teslas supercharger network, only BB had it.

    But they didn’t evolve fast enough, once the big names like Apple, Sony, Samsung and all the rest got into the business there wasn’t a need for BB anymore and there lots of alternatives to blackberry messaging. Now high speed DC fast chargers are getting much more common and you don’t need a Tesla if that was the only reason you wanted one.

  8. Tesla is great. As is apple. Apple and tesla both sold themselves as brands first. It took time but Samsung caught up to Apple. Same thing will happen with the legacies. Sure my wife won’t switch to android but she will buy a Google book for the next computer. Sooner or later the numbers don’t line up. The only advantage tesla has over the others is the charing network. That will change.

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