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When you live and work on the Internet, you end up seeing some pretty crazy things. Topics like Gamergate sometimes make you think, “What is really going on in this world?” Admit it, you probably have thought the same thing, too. But here’s a genuine, honest-to-goodness, feel-good story that will really brighten your day. Dream Drive for Kids is a program where the founders, Eric and Amity Peterson, allow sick kids to have a unique experience in one of the cars in their supercar collection. Our friends at Motor Authority covered the original story.

Having made their money through technology consulting, the Portland couple decided they didn’t want to let their car collection just sit. Instead, they’re working with a local children’s hospital to help brighten a child’s day. The child comes by, goes for a 3o minute ride in a supercar of their choice, and participates in a program designed to build a life-long memory. The drive itself is recorded on video for the family to keep, along with lots of photos.

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In my opinion, supercars are meant to be experienced. Sharing the joy of such fantastic cars, especially with children, is a rewarding way to spread car culture. When you think about what these particular children have to go through on a daily basis, any opportunity to help them forget about the seriousness of life and just be kids is priceless to both the child and parents.

If I had a supercar collection, or just a supercar, this is what I’d do with it. I hope their venture grows and does well.

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