It seems that in the past couple of weeks everyone has been hacked. We learned about the over-the-air attack against FCA automobiles through a hacked Jeep. OnStar was hacked with an OwnStar over-the-air hack. Heck, people are even hacking cars through the ODB-II port. Car hacking seems to have become a way of life recently, and it’s here to stay. Car hacking is especially … [Read more…]


It seems that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles can’t catch a break, with the latest recall relating to the hacking of the Jeep Cherokee late last week, and the $105 million fine from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with how they’ve handled recalls in the past. As part of the agreement that FCA reached with NHTSA, FCA will offer to buyback 500,000 Ram Trucks … [Read more…]


In light of the recent revelation that certain vehicles running FCA’s Uconnect software are susceptible to remote hacking, we should take a moment to break down what this actually means, and how much are you at risk if you own one of these vehicles? The remote hack made public by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek through an article in Wired does appear to portray a doomsday … [Read more…]


Have you ever imagined what it’d be like if a bunch of cars got together and revved their engines to the theme from Star Wars? Well imagine no more, faithful readers! In honor of the 2015 International Star Wars Day, FCA worked with the Detroit Symphony to make that happen in this video. For those who do not know what International Star Wars … [Read more…]

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The Jeep Renegade is the brand’s latest attempt to compete in the red hot small crossover category. Jeep has been here before, with vehicles like the Compass and the Patriot, but this latest Jeep is unlike those vehicles in a lot of ways. But do these changes make it a competitive option, and do the changes make it worthy of the Jeep name on the hood? Read on to find … [Read more…]

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