The new, mid-engine V8 Ferrari on the block is the Ferrari 488 GTB. For the first time in this type of application, Ferrari is using a turbocharged V8 instead of a high-strung, naturally aspirated version. As with all recent types of this car, there will be a convertible version. Here it is, the Ferrari 488 Spider: What do you think of this non-red Ferrari? It’s rare to … [Read more…]

Earlier today, FCA announced that they’ll be splitting Ferrari off as its own separate company. In this split, 10% of Ferrari shares will be available for the public to buy, and the remaining 90% will be split amongst current FCA shareholders. That’s big news in and of itself, and something we’ll go more into in future posts. But the question that currently piques our interest … [Read more…]

Sergio Marchionne, head of automotive conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is also the direct head of the Ferrari brand. He wants to up the production of Ferraris that are sold worldwide, surely in an effort to have the company make more money. Ferrari sales are often plagued by waitlists that are years long. Surely, the company can stay exclusive while selling a few more … [Read more…]

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