Sergio Marchionne, head of automotive conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is also the direct head of the Ferrari brand. He wants to up the production of Ferraris that are sold worldwide, surely in an effort to have the company make more money. Ferrari sales are often plagued by waitlists that are years long. Surely, the company can stay exclusive while selling a few more cars. Apparently, a “few more cars” entails six. Ferrari unveiled the Ferrari Sergio, a limited-edition car that Ferrari is only making six of (plus the requisite crash test examples).

Like many exclusive Ferraris, a buyer has to be chosen to be allowed the spend the countless millions that are needed to secure one of these cars (official pricing hasn’t been released). Haven’t received an invite yet? We haven’t either, and don’t expect one. The six are already pre-sold.

The Sergio is based on the epic 458 platform, but has upward-hinged doors and lacks a windshield. Not that you expect an ultra-rare Ferrari to ever be driven.

Ferrari has long had a custom car program for people with the cash. If you want a one-off special, Ferrari will build you one. Well, technically, Ferrari will build you two (and you have to pay for both of them). Why? Because one needs to be crash tested to be legally sold.

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