Don’t forget, Ford is still firmly planted in the present, launching new cars and dedicating time to an all-new Ford Performance division. But what about the future? Ford likes to talk about what they’re doing looking way ahead, and we had an opportunity to check some of that out recently at Ford’s Dearborn campus. Right now, Ford is in the data collection stage. They are … [Read more…]

During our recent press trip to Dearborn to hear Ford’s Mark Fields talk about the Ford Motor Company, along with their present and future plans, he mentioned that the company has “One foot in today, one foot in tomorrow.” It’s a great line and aptly describes where Ford is at. We choose to share that quote on our Twitter timeline, and received a hilarious response from … [Read more…]


As we near the end of the year, it’s common for websites to do “of the year” awards. We don’t necessarily do them here at Average Car Guy, per se, but we do like to highlight some stuff from over the year. One of the things we’d like to highlight in our first full-year in operation is the top performing posts and stories. So, we logged into Google Analytics and took a … [Read more…]


Throughout the year, I drive a lot of cars and trucks. I mean a lot. In addition to the week-long loans that come in for review, I also attend media events and drives across the country to drive the latest and greatest. Lots of these vehicles have new technology on them designed to make driving easier, safer, or more enjoyable. It’s hard to pick a single technology that stands … [Read more…]

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[tps_header]One of the cool parts about being an automotive journalist is that I get to drive a lot of cool cars throughout the year. While I don’t get to sample every new car hitting the streets, I do get a chance to drive some good ones. It should be noted that I really didn’t drive anything terrible this year, which is always a plus, but there are a few that stand out in my … [Read more…]


“I had the incredible opportunity to visit the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for the first time, and some of the stuff I witnessed, can’t be unseen. But some other stuff… WOW!” (Editor’s Note: This post by Jerry Perez was originally posted on Life Is Poppin’, and is used here with permission. All photos are his, as well. Jerry’s travel, accommodations, and food was covered by … [Read more…]

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