Ford CEO Out To Convince Dealers To Offer Tesla-Like Selling Costs

Ford CEO Out To Convince Dealers To Offer Tesla-Like Selling Costs

Ford CEO Out To Convince Dealers To Offer Tesla-Like Selling Costs

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25 thoughts on “Ford CEO Out To Convince Dealers To Offer Tesla-Like Selling Costs

  1. I wanted an F150 Lighting, but after seeing the upcharge on them and people getting completely fucked over with their pre-orders, I am removing that from my list of first EV purchase in the next few years.

    If Ford can really stop dealers from fucking people, I would def throw down some money on a Pro F150 lightning…but I don’t want to go through all the bullshit at a dealer with preordering just to show up 6-8 months later when it finally gets delivered just to see an extra 10-20k throw on the fucking price

  2. went to ford dealer to test drive mach-e. I was turned off by the markup. the sales guy tried to sweeten the deal by offering me life time oil change.

    i may not be automobile engineer, but i am not a idiot as well.

    dealership will do anything to suck every penny from you.

  3. Went with my dad to try to buy an F-150 Lightning. The MSRP on the XLT trim is $53K. They wanted $86K out the door for it. Because my dad really wanted the car, he offered $80K. These idiots turned him down. We get a call the next day that they’re willing to do $80K. We said no. They called back again a few days later and offered $75K. We still said no.

  4. Lmao good luck. I had a deposit down on the lightning and when the dealer called it was just a casual $14,999 markup. $10k “market adjustment” and another $5k in bullshit add ons. Stuff like that is part of what pushed me to get a Tesla back in 2019. No mess no fuss just walked in and bought the car and left. I think I was in and out in less than an hour and that included messing with the display Model S. Wife really liked that one but we can’t swing a $100k car haha!

    I would absolutely love to replace my model 3 with the lightning pickup especially since I just became a homeowner but with the dealer shenanigans I think I’ll be keeping my current car and just renting a truck from home depot.

  5. Dealerships are the number one reason I don’t buy from Ford. They’ve gouged literally everyone I know who’s bought a vehicle. It HAS to go direct to consumer like Tesla. Stealerships are outdated.

  6. I have zero interest in ever going back to a car-dealership. We enter dealerships under-equipped for fair negotiations. We are treated by them like “prey” through their predatory practices like loan interest manipulation, tactics and theatrical routines like “waiting for the finance guy”, and arbitrary markups on everything that they touch.

    Worse, we are so often stuck between the dealer and the manufacturer, with neither accountable for major issues – I’ve experienced this twice in the last decade with Ford DCT/Powershift, and Hyundai Power Steering problems. In both cases I was charged for work that turned into class-action lawsuits against the manufacturers – both the dealers and manufacturers knew and lied about the systematic problems before I was charged. Never again for either of them.

    I’ve seen how many signatures are required by the state to acquire a car, I’m not doing that 3hr ordeal ever again.

  7. Dealers are greedy pricks. Cut the dealers out. Start opening certified service outlets. If they have to be franchises, so be it, but dealing with dealerships absolutely stinks and gives a bad name to manufacturers.

  8. I guess I luck out to live in an area that there are plenty of dealerships and also have no issues if I have to travel for a deal.

    If a sales rep tries to say anything over MSRP. I push back from the table, say thank you, and walk. If I already have an offer on the table from another dealer and try to play one off the other and they don’t match or beat… I walk.

  9. This will ultimately be better for the consumer. Less confusion. Less stress. No haggling. It still boggles my mind how many legal protections exist for dealers, and that it is illegal to buy the most American made car(Model Y), from an American company (Tesla) in many states. It’s so anti capitalistic in the holy land of capitalism above all.

  10. Seems like a good first step would be to set up a surveillance/reporting system for sales over MSRP + make it clear that your EV allocation will slow to a trickle if they catch you doing that. Perhaps also rolling out a well-designed free online pre-order / waiting list system (integrated with factory orders etc) that any MSRP-compliant dealer can participate in; play along and we’ll send you a bunch of excited new EV-seeking customers, don’t play along and you won’t get any EVs to sell at all.

  11. The was a poll done many years ago asking the three things you most dread 1. Going to the dentist 2. Dealing with the IRS. 3. Buying a car from a car dealership…in no particular order.

  12. Dealerships are such a thing of the past and need to be eliminated. The worse part of every car experience I have ever had is the dealer. I want my car buying experience to be as simple as as when I buy my Apple products from the Apple website or Apple store.

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