So, you are looking to purchase a new car, maybe a new mercedes C-Class, maybe a BMW 323?

These cars after-all come with a ‘huge’ 2.something litre engine which will whine its way up to 60 in probably around 9 seconds.

They will make people know that you are (a) successful (sales rep), and that you have chosen a quality car that. However, I feel that they have as much excitement and originality as a potato.

Why not spend the same money on a new Ford Mustang?

Its not as crazy an idea as you may think; the GT comes with a 4.6 V8 which accelerates from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds, can hit a speed limit well in excess of the law, and houses 300 horses under the bonnet.

It doesn’t even guzzle that much fuel and can manage 25mpg.

But fuel economy is not the reason for buying one of these machines – a Mustang says something about you.

Pulling on to the motorway in your new 323i is a non-event. Nobody notices you (apart from the 325i driver wanting to show off his ‘huge’ engine power). Pull onto the motorway in your new ‘Stang and its a whole different story – kids and grown-ups will point and stare!

Convertible GT’s can be delivered on the road for around £30,000 and the V6’s start at around £21,000.

There really is no excuse for owning any other vehicle!

And with bodykits and Alloys from companies such as Roush and Saleen costing less than a set of wheels for your BMW you can not lose.

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