During a press event last week in Dearborn, we were invited to check out the latest iteration of Ford’s infotainment offerings; Sync 3. Gone is the MyFord Touch name, and in is an entirely new system built on top of the QNX operating system. This upgrade features a lot of benefits, including faster and more accurate voice recognition, support for more apps, and Siri Eyes Free support. Also, the map storage for navigation is now built-in to the head unit, and not living on a SD card inside the cabin.

Ford had a fully-functional demo of the system available. This demo wasn’t just some preset functions; we had our run of the system. What we can tell you for sure is how much faster the system is. Menus load very quickly without delay. Everything seems much more responsive than the previous versions of MyFord Touch. We can’t wait to see it in a new vehicle and give it a try!

Expect to see Sync 3 in 2016 model year Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

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