Friend of mine shared this. I wish it was a joke.

Friend of mine shared this. I wish it was a joke.

Friend of mine shared this. I wish it was a joke.

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25 thoughts on “Friend of mine shared this. I wish it was a joke.

  1. As Henry Ford used to say. If he’d asked people what they wanted they would have said, faster horses.

    All new technology has teething problems and growing pains. Once EVs are the status quo and something else replaces them, people will make similar arguments about how the new thing is worse than the old thing.

  2. A little while back my barber started explaining to me how the uncalled-for Russia/Ukraine war is a plan by “them” to fuck up delivery of Russian fuel so that they could sell more electric cars.

  3. TVA? As in Tennessee Valley Authority? They have only ever once asked us to throttle back on power consumption. It was this year in fact. They then said nevermind a few days later. We didn’t lose power during the freeze of 21 and we don’t lose power during the heat of summer.
    These people are insane.

  4. They picked TVA of all power companies to single out? The federally owned utility with one of the more robust and stable grids in the country that typically has no issues with capacity. Mmmk.

  5. It’s safe to assume any post that contains any of the following text is ignorant boomer right-wing propaganda:

    * just saying
    * asking for a friend
    * wake up people!
    * my buddy told me

    Just looking for random ALL CAPS words gives you 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity for detection of said right-wing boomers.

  6. People cannot imagine a future of progress. When gasoline cars came out, no one could imagine gas stations all over the place. Now people cannot imagine an electric infrastructure that can deal with the extra consumption like the growth in electric demand over last 30 years. They confuse incompetence with impossibility. Just ignore these people. Imagine telling them a future where the car is also a power reserve and can supply power to the grid in emergencies.

  7. The grid handled the addition of air conditioning, which carried a bigger load, was more likely to be used by a bunch of people at once, happened while demand per person was rising, and was much harder to shift. EVs will be significantly easier.

  8. I imagine this is the kind of story they posted in the newspaper whe cars came out to replace horses. “You need to go to a gas station just to drive it, good luck if there isn’t enough gas, hurr durrr”

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