Driving, racing and even building gas powered RC cars is a popular hobby among RC vehicle enthusiasts. These types of remote control options are not seen as toy purchases, but serious investments into an enjoyable hobby. The vast selection of vehicles, options, accessories and costs allows individuals to find the perfect car for their collection.

A step above electric RC cars, the gas powered vehicles offer several advantages. For example, the length of time these cars will run is only limited to the amount of fuel put into them. Electric cars have batteries that need to be changed or charged often. Gas powered units are also much more resilient to weather conditions during use. Electric vehicles are sensitive to water, snow, ice and much more. This sensitivity keeps the car from being used except in fair weather conditions. Gas vehicles can be operated in many varying conditions. Although electric cars are a bit quieter and easier to maintain, most individuals enjoy the realistic sounds and tune-ups that gas powered vehicles require.

These types of RC cars utilize engines much like those of full size cars. Therefore, tuning and maintenance is similar as well. Carburetors keep the fuel and oil mixed properly while 2 stroke, nitro engines give the vehicle its power. Gas powered RC cars use nitro fuel which is the same type used in top-fuel drag cars. This gives the miniature versions extreme amounts of power.

Choosing the proper gas powered RC car should be an informed decision. Budget is a significant consideration when making a purchase. These vehicles can run anywhere from $200 to over $1000 depending on various options and features. The higher-end options normally run a bit faster and have a higher level of durability. However, the more affordable choices make great investment for beginners. Gas powered vehicles come in the form of cars, trucks, and buggies. Cars work well for on-road use, on large areas of pavement, asphalt or other hard and flat surfaces. Trucks are extremely durable and can handle tougher, off road terrain. Buggies are built for the best speed and handling options as well as ease of maneuvering. Both buggies and trucks are great for use on trails, climbing and jumping.

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There are several locations that interested individuals can purchase gas powered RC cars. Hobby shops are a great place to start. This enables the buyer to actually see the various types of vehicles and accessories, as well as the ability to speak to informed staff about their purchase. Online retailers also offer an extensive selection of cars and accessories but can be a bit tricky to maneuver through for beginners. Any location will offer pre-built or build your own vehicles. Pre-built is the perfect way for a novice operator to begin their gas powered car hobby. These options come ready to go and only require the specific nitro fuel to begin use. Build your own option allows individuals to choose various accessories to create a custom vehicle. Popular brands include Traxxas Nitro, Ford Mustang, Team Associated Nitro and Tamiya.

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