Genuine question, what’s the solution? Anti-cutting cable wrap? Cameras to passively capture after the theft?

Genuine question, what’s the solution? Anti-cutting cable wrap? Cameras to passively capture after the theft?

Genuine question, what’s the solution? Anti-cutting cable wrap? Cameras to passively capture after the theft?

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39 thoughts on “Genuine question, what’s the solution? Anti-cutting cable wrap? Cameras to passively capture after the theft?

  1. For Level-2 charging, it would be better for the station to provide a female connector, then the driver brings a cord to connect. This is how it works in Europe.

  2. Tighter regulations on metal recyclers could be the simplest way. The only way these people make money is selling to them, and there is no serious way that stolen copper leaves the country, it’s just too obvious to spot, so it can be dealt with domestically. Simply require a license for anyone to be able to sell copper for recycling, and have regular audits of anyone with a license.

    Yes, businesses will do the usual screaming that it is overly burdensome, but the alternative is that billions will continue to be lost each year due to theft, and the need to prevent theft.

  3. You find some nice fellows from New Jersey and agree to pay them 10% of the proceeds from the charging station each month providing it doesn’t need repairs for this sort of thing. Problem will support itself out quickly.

    /s but it would work since the same guys probably own the scrapyard

  4. Punishment and rehabilitation for current criminals and solving the underlying societal issues that result in a child growing up into an adult that cuts charger cables for quick cash.

  5. Charging cable and connector should be locked behind a secured retracting door that only opens up when payment info is provided. On top of that, there should be security cameras.

  6. So here in Sacramento, California, there is a level two charger I frequent often that’s run by shell. Once my payment accepted and I hit start charge the cable drops from the housing.

  7. Strong safety nets and other social programs that leave people not needing to steal what eill end up being a few dollars worth of copper? That’s probably the “solution”. How do we prevent vandalism if we don’t want to support people desperate to make ends meet? We don’t. Anti-theft cables are easily cut and stolen, and they have the additional drawback of being significantly more expensive which means nobody’s going to pay to deploy them in the first place.

  8. So many cruel and unusual solutions being proposed here. They’re not going to electrify the wires, for crying out loud.

    It seems like the obvious solution is to leverage the military-industrial complex’s expertise by assigning a T-800 terminator to guard charging stations. Nominally then if someone steals a copper cable for scrap, the terminator can arrest them. In reality the purpose is so that instead of taking the copper cables, the person takes the terminator and sells it for scrap. After all, it takes a lot of expensive chips and alloys to make a terminator, and you can probably earn good money reprogramming it to be a hit man or a prostitute or something. It’s a decoy.

    What will probably happen is something mundane, like anybody able to afford an electric car moves away from Baltimore and doesn’t look back.

  9. I think it will be a great idea to have the cable inside a lock door and as soon as your payment is processed the door opens releasing the cable.

  10. Just sad that thieves can get away with selling catalytic converters and copper to scrap metal recyclers. They’ll need to add some kind of automatic door that opens once your card and account have been confirmed.

    I pick up packages at Amazon lockers scanning my app or putting in my code and the package door pops open. I get liquor delivered from door dash by scanning my driver’s license into their app, the delivery driver only sees my picture not dob, license number or even the address.

    “Does this idiot in front of you paying $45 for a 12 pack look like the photo we are showing you on your door dash driver app?”

    Some gated communities here in Florida have a call box where you put your driver’s license on and talk to a tele-person at a call center somewhere who asks where your going and opens the gate.

    Just need a solution simple enough that even a first time charger can do it.

    Sucks that they can’t leave the cords fully powered for when thieves try to cut through. Certainly the places that accept scrap metal should take finger prints like pawn shops do for some items.

  11. Looking at the top picture there is two “arms” coming out of the top of the EV charger like narrow field goal posts (thinking of American football field goal).

    Thinking out loud, that section could be enclosed with a metal garage door that would roll up to open and the charging cord could now be lowered and come down out of it. The charging cord could have a cable attached to the middle which lowers it down and pulls it up and back in to the garage after finish then the door comes down again.

    Any solution still has to be simple enough that it doesn’t have it’s own breakdown of door jamb cable not releasing retracting etc

    Final thought: however you do it, entire charger covered in metal box or whatever, it doesn’t open and release cable unless it also recognizes an EV parked there separate from payment card or app accounts being swiped etc. NFC or something that can’t be spoofed.

    Extra thought: setting up chargers they have to dig holes in the ground for the electrical systems. Charging cable should retract down into ground and some kind of protective cover slides closed.

    Wait wait, space shuttle type robot arm encases the charge cord in metal and with three or four joints that bend and rotate and plug into ev charge port automatically. When not in use it points straight up to the sky so you have to climb the charger to get at. Also, any attacks on an idle charger will result in fencing style attack from said robot arm. Or it bends into a specific triangle type position and spins thereby knocking thief off the charger. Good fun for drunk college kids also.

    Bonus thought: Space shuttle arm attacks vehicles trying to ICE the charger and carves name into vehicle paint. All chargers will have to be named Sparky of course

  12. Couldn’t the cable be recessed into the main unit and the port section be locked somehow. Until you verify payment/user, then it unlocks the cable and port?

    Prevention is the best method, it’s difficult to find and arrest someone after the fact.

  13. Forgive me if this has been suggested before, but how about winding the wire inside the machine and locked with only the handle exposed and have it unlocked after someone inserts their credit card? Then when the charger is done being used, it can wind itself back into the machine like a construction tape measure. This would prevent theft when the charger is not being used.

  14. Better schools. And cameras. People that do this might as well take a brick and smash the housing to get some copper out of that. Can’t really make everything brick-safe.

  15. Maybe if it was a retractable cable where the internal spool is stored inside a protected housing and would only be unlocked after the card/account was charged. Cameras would also be a nice addition.

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  16. Essentially it’s a social/political problem: the people who steal the cables should probably be either in jail or drug rehab or a mental health facility, but the latter two options aren’t funded adequately and the former won’t happen if you live somewhere that the police have quiet quit and won’t enforce basic laws, and when they do arrest people they’re just let right back out.

    Charge cables can be redesigned to be worth less, by using aluminum instead of copper. Maybe add liquid cooling as well, if it makes for a thinner, less awkward cable.

    Better surveillance systems and hiring private security is another option.

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