GM Announces Electric Chevy Silverado With 400+ Miles Of Range – GM-Trucks.com

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3 thoughts on “GM Announces Electric Chevy Silverado With 400+ Miles Of Range – GM-Trucks.com”
  1. >The company has indicated that the pickup will be completely new from the ground up and designed to be an EV. The electric Silverado will tentatively offer around 400-miles of range on a full charge.

    FINALLY. Building the EV Silverado from scratch rather than cramming an EV drivetrain into a body designed for an ICE drivetrain is great news. Means it can have EV specific features that can’t be offered on the gas version such as air compressor, 120v outlet, etc.

  2. Seriously, NO DATES?? Like they can announce all they want but without commitment to dates it means basically nothing. A new CEO could come in next week and sideline the project. Also notably:

    >Chevrolet representative Kyle Suba confirmed that **the announcement of an all-electric Silverado will not impact the current gas-internal-combustion-engine (ICE) and is in no way being phased out in the near term**. “The electric Silverado announcement] does not impact our current Silverado and commitment to ICEs in the near term. In fact, we have significant updates in terms of design and capability coming very soon, which we will announce later this year.”

    So still hedging their bets and no major strategic change.

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