Got my Genesis GV60 today!

Got my Genesis GV60 today!

Got my Genesis GV60 today!

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22 thoughts on “Got my Genesis GV60 today!

  1. Congrats!

    I’ve spotted one on my commute twice now (same one) and was very surprised how good they look in person. Much smaller looking vs photos (which is a good thing IMO).

  2. The only color that should be available! I wish US would stop being so boring with color choices.

    Do you want white, grey, darker grey, lighter grey, grey grey, very grey with grey ascents, black or red? 😒😒

  3. We saw one of these in person in Boston. My wife and daughter both spotted it across the parking lot. My daughter, who is totally into cars (mostly trucks and jeeps but cars too) thought it was Porche. I wasn’t sure until we got closer. One of the best looking cars I’ve seen in a long time. That color is incredible. Congrats!

  4. I want to try out the crystall ball! I just got a teal Ioniq 5 temporarily until my Fisker Ocean One arrives. I have to admit I am very happy with the Hyundai. It’s a far smoother vehicle than my Tesla Model Y. Maybe not the power and tech but definitely more refined and better style.

  5. Nice looking car!! I agree about the colours!! They are mostly boring! We bought the Cupra Born on Lava Blue, which is an amazing mixed blue/green. The one nice colour available!! They others were very German!

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