Hershel walker visibly confused about electric cars

Hershel walker visibly confused about electric cars


Hershel walker visibly confused about electric cars

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30 thoughts on “Hershel walker visibly confused about electric cars

  1. At this point, it feels like there are two Americas: one that carried on into the 21st century, and one that is stuck on “schools for losers, let’s stay in the 20th century”.

  2. What an idiot this guy is. After the president, US Seantor is about as much power as we let one person have in our government and apparently millions of Georgians are fine with the idea of an ignoramus representing them.

  3. Does Hershel walker remind anyone else of the president President Camacho from Idiocracy? “Now I understand everyone’s shit’s emotional right now. But I’ve got a 3 point plan that’s going to fix EVERYTHING.”

  4. The republicans have all turned into old man shaking his fist at the wind.

    They’re complaining about EV tech from 12 years ago.

    And now they’re environmentalists too worried about the impact of rare earth metal mining. As if the impact of that will exceed oil drilling and refining.

  5. >>We could be working on solving the problems with EVs.

    You can’t solve the big 4 fossil fuel companies losing profits and because of that the politicians pockets will become empty. So, what makes you think they’ll support EVs?

    I have solar panels on my home roof and for my driving style at the moment, I’m driving 100% free because my offset is 100% with no powerwall.

  6. ![gif](giphy|26n6Gx9moCgs1pUuk|downsized)

    LOL – they could have replaced “electric cars” with just about ANYTHING and it would have been valid!

  7. I dont understand why GOP cant understand a simple concept. EV is just a car powered by a batter. Even ICE cars are powered by 12V battery for electronics stuff. A car is a car no matter how it is powered.

  8. Ignorance isn’t a crime. But it’s disappointing that we in society give airtime to people who would benefit more from additional schooling (and – possibly – brain surgery).

  9. I can’t stand him but he didn’t say anything wrong. The majority of the country look at a 30k plus car a big struggle to afford. They rent. They don’t have easy charging. For most people it’s hard to justify this new tech even if it might work out to cost less over a decade.

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