I’m excited about the idea of a new Honda S2000. I was an owner of the AP2 version, which made 237 horsepower from the 2.2L VTEC engine that revved to 8,250 RPM. No, it wasn’t the same shouty engine that came with the first-generation, but it still screamed. It still was an absolute joy to drive. A replacement to that car just wouldn’t be as fun. Sure, Honda has a litany … [Read more…]

For those of you who are owners of Forza Motorsports 6 on the Xbox One, get excited! Tomorrow, one of the first car packs will be available for download. Sponsored by eBay Motors, the pack includes some interesting cars, including the Plymouth Prowler. But for Formula 1 racing fans, the sweetest car in the pack is Ayrton Senna’s #12 McLaren! From the description on … [Read more…]

It’s Cyber Monday, and while some of you might be combing the Internet for the latest deals, Honda has taken a different approach to marketing today. They asked even villain Skeletor to stop by and take over their Twitter account for the day. Is he selling any more of Honda’s CRVs or Accords? Who knows? But he is rather funny and you should probably check it … [Read more…]

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