How Tesla’s Battery Mastermind Is Tackling EVs Biggest Problem

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4 thoughts on “How Tesla’s Battery Mastermind Is Tackling EVs Biggest Problem”
  1. This is good stuff.

    Redwood is at 95-98% battery mass recovery, and they’re shipping the purified raw materials back to battery manufacturers at a profit.

    I remember Tesla investors being worried when J.B. Straubel left Tesla in 2019 to work on Redwood full time, but I always knew that Mr. Straubel would never leave the electrification mission. It’s his life’s work. This is a guy who blew stuff up for fun in high school chemistry, and spent his early years recruiting Stanford students to build a prototype electric car. I think recycling is one of the last pieces of the puzzle towards creating a completely sustainable EV ecosystem.

  2. Bookmark this for the next batch of “why is no one talking about the batteries/mining/lithium/end-of-life” posts.

  3. This message needs to be put out to the general public. Being from the automotive industry it is well known that lead/acid batteries are 100% recyclable. That’s why there is a core charge. on almost every battery sold.

    Maybe this would encourage recycling of lithium oxide batteries. They have been used for a couple decades in everything from laptops to cordless tools to cars to phones and tablets.

    People need a reason to do the right thing and money is the great motivator. Even if it’s pennies. Lets face it people prowl residential neighborhoods looking for scrap metals that are almost worthless in small quantities but someone is paying their mortgage with scrap.

  4. EV car batteries get recycled in their entirety into fork lifts and other electric powered machinery where the 30% battery degradation is irrelevant.

    Figure 10 years in a car and then 10 years in a fork lift, we won’t see the EV batteries needing recycling in qty for twenty years.

    Doubt there is a good business plan for recycling EV’s at this point in time. Government should be giving out science research grants to universities to work on Lithium battery recycling for when it is needed.

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