Hybrid cars – Vision of future?

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6 thoughts on “Hybrid cars – Vision of future?”
  1. Hours to charge at gas stations? This article was written with outdated information about EVs.

  2. Hybrid cars are a vision of the past. The Prius was great when they came out. But now we can move on to a greener technology.

  3. The only question is how do PHEV’s help with emissions.

    The answer is a LOT.

    RAV4 AWD 5 tons of emissions.

    PHEV AWD 1.2 tons of emissions.

    76% emissions reduction.

    So PHEV’s are certainly a big part of reducing green house gases especially in this early phase of EV adoption and infrastructure build out.

    PHEV’s provide a lower cost, more functional, way to reduce emissions than EV’s at this point. In many cases, people with PHEV’s can live day to day on just EV power. Couple at work, Porsche and Volvo PHEV’s (cool quarter million in cars) and they both go to gas station maybe once a year, likely reducing their emissions over ICE by 90%.

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