Hyundai EV Rally Car

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2 thoughts on “Hyundai EV Rally Car”
  1. Love seeing more EV racecars. I actually love the sound they make, weird as that may be.

  2. Based on a Kona

    >Paddon and his multi-championship winning rally team focused on creating a car with considerable wow factor which will take this **New Zealand-created tech**nology to the world.
    >“The car is **faster on paper than an ICE car**, has better weight distribution and is more reliable as there are fewer moving parts and the potential with the technology, electronics and design of the car is endless” says Paddon. “It’s simply a new era of rallying that has new limits.
    >“The EV package is capable of **over 800 kW**, but we have focused on building this car to have comparable power to a current ICE rally car and *aim for it to be winning rallies against normal ICE competition from 2022*. A lot of work needs to happen between now and then, and we are confident that EV technology is going to work in a normal rally environment.”

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