I don’t understand this. Why do people want to antagonize EV owners?

I don’t understand this. Why do people want to antagonize EV owners?


I don’t understand this. Why do people want to antagonize EV owners?

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49 thoughts on “I don’t understand this. Why do people want to antagonize EV owners?

  1. Putting any bumper sticker, personalized plate or anything else to advertise something about yourself or your politics seems like a way to solicit conflict. I have never seen a ‘clever’ bumper sticker or personalized plate that made me thing having one is a good idea. Especially in a world where people are already excited to throw rocks at strangers cars.

  2. Typical politics, polarizing people gives power.

    It’s why we see race, gender, religion being so divisive in politics. We should be coming together for a fair solution. But that would not get people excited/angry enough to protest and give money.

  3. Just explaining, not my actual opinion as a CA resident.

    EV price point represents a much higher income hroup than ICE. Its the same way how people feel about beamers and benz.

    EV gets significant handouts at the cost of tax payers. While i benefit from the credit, it makes no sense to me how it mainly benefits the rich, even at the new income limit.

    EVs get carpool lanes, better parking spots than handicap, and a huge power subsidy (as subsidized by gas)

    ICE cars eventually being banned in CA, odd Catalytic converter laws with the government doing NOTHING about rampant thefts doesnt help either.

    If i was a poor ICE driver id be a bit pissed too.

  4. >Love having fancy Vancouverites in their teslas driving behind me and making them mad that I have a gas guzzler

    Pride in having a gas vehicle over an electrical vehicle is peak stupidity.

    I like EVs for a plethora of reasons and wouldn’t go back to a gas vehicle. That said, it’s a means to an end and there’s not a good reason to lord having one over anyone (except close family).

  5. So other comments covered the hate from ICE enthusiasts.

    My personal tin foil hat theory is that the oil & gas industry is astroturfing the fuck cars sub. They’re the definition of perfect is the enemy of good. It’s interesting that both “leftists” and conservatives align on the fight against EVs. I seriously don’t think this happened naturally.

    Reality is that cars are the dominant form of personal transportation and will likely be so through this century. Unless public transit becomes several orders of magnitude cheaper, we’re stuck with cars. Why not have the cars be quiet and clean.

  6. A lot of EV owners take on a holier than thou attitude.

    Its akin to the vegan who tells you that they’re vegan at least twice a day.

    A lot of people need to learn to do the right thing but not be a douchebag about it.

  7. Money. You might notice the same seller also sells “OK” stickers, aimed at pro-EV drivers. It reminds me of the story of someone selling both “I love Elvis” and “I hate Elvis” badges to capture the entire market, but that story is I think a bit of fiction.

  8. Am I the only one in here who didn’t care about this sticker to start with, and then questioned why anyone else cares after reading the description on Etsy? I mean I’m sure there are people buying it to show that they dislike EVs, but that doesn’t seem to be the intended purpose. People put stupid shit on their bumpers all the time to let others know how they feel. They also wear shirts, hats, etc… Not worth caring about.

    > Disclaimer- this sticker is not hating on electric vehicles, just a funny bumper sticker to put on your gas vehicle saying it’s NOT OK because it doesn’t get the same privileges a electric car gets in BC with an OK decal

    If this actually works, the Tesla driver needs to calm down. FSD hasn’t gotten to the point where you should be focusing on bumper stickers while in the drivers seat.

    > Love having fancy Vancouverites in their teslas driving behind me and making them mad that I have a gas guzzler

  9. This happens with every major societal change. Look thru history and you will see that people were the same way about electricity and cars. Most EV hating morons of today might be descendants of those other morons from the past.

  10. We live in a society where all the people that checked in the 5th now have social media and a voice and somehow now believe they are the smart ones. I think Trump latched onto something, if you tell the same lie over and over people grab onto it and use it as a crutch rather than lift themselves up. That way they don’t have to do anything and can blame someone else.

  11. Electric cars represent change. Some people are really afraid of change. So it doesn’t take much convincing when people tell them the change is:
    Being forced on them.
    Going to bring about ruin and destroy what they know to be right in the world.
    Being pushed by individuals with a nefarious agenda.

  12. There are plenty of people who don’t want to be forced to buy electric, are annoyed that their taxes are paying for other people’s car purchases, and can’t stand the holier than thou attitude of many EV owners.

    And to be clear, I’m not one of them. I own an EV. But I get it.

  13. TLDR there are a lot of jerks that own cars.

    I could change the question to why do EV owners want to antagonise ICE owners? Some of the personalised license plates I’ve seen online are very in your face. I think all of the reasons listed above apply equally to EV’s.

  14. Very simple. Ignorant right wingers who think they’re owning/triggering the libs when they do this stuff. The consequences of being part of a political party and movement that has no actual policy other than reactionary BS and hatefulness

  15. I look at this kind of bumper sticker and debate like this:

    Would you rather put money in Elon Musk’s pocket or in Mohammed bin Salman and Vladimir Putin’s? And I can’t stand Elon Musk.

    (And yes, only a minority of US oil imports come from those countries, but our demand from other countries allows Saudi Arabia and Russia to sell more gas to the rest of the market.)

  16. I think they’re being fed outrage related to the electrical grid and their usage of it, which is ridiculous because the electrical grid in the US is still privatized and produced/built as needed. That’s why the idiot governor of Texas said he wanted Bitcoin miners to come to Texas so they could create demand that could “be turned off in times of crisis”.

  17. So they can manufacture outrage on a popular electric vehicle forum and their Etsy store can get more clicks? This store only has only ~500 sales. Since they sell tons of other stickers, it’s very unlikely people are buying these. Your bumper is safe.

  18. Adversity to change. It’s common and seems to happen with everything new in some way or another. Some people just like things how they are and are comfortable that way.. perhaps even rooted from a form of anxiety (I’m not a mental health professional).

    And remember, the loudest voices tend to be those that are upset with change. The majority that aren’t against change don’t have a need to speak loud usually. This is only in some situations of course.

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