I drove sporty electric SUVs from Tesla and Kia: Why I’d buy the $41,000 EV6 over the $66,000 Model Y

I drove sporty electric SUVs from Tesla and Kia: Why I’d buy the $41,000 EV6 over the $66,000 Model Y


I drove sporty electric SUVs from Tesla and Kia: Why I’d buy the $41,000 EV6 over the $66,000 Model Y

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31 thoughts on “I drove sporty electric SUVs from Tesla and Kia: Why I’d buy the $41,000 EV6 over the $66,000 Model Y

  1. I’ve got no problem with the reviewer going with the Kia, Tesla’s are currently very much too expensive and this goes double for the Model Y. I’m personally pretty ticked off at Tesla for not having RWD Long Range versions of their cars. Specifically the Model Y desperately needs a bigger pack or a RWD option with the same pack size.

    The real problem with this review is the reviewer seems to have little knowledge of how to compare one EV to the other and so this review is useless for someone contemplating the cars themselves.

    He kept quoting EPA numbers and 10% to 80% charging times for both cars despite the fact that all the trims and cars had very different real-world ranges @70mph+. In practice the Model Y would rarely be charged to 80% on a trip due to it’s better efficiency and more numerous charging stations. It’s like comparing two gas cars where one gets 35mpg and the other gets 30mpg but the reviewer warns you that the 35mpg car will cost you more to fill up because it has a bigger gas tank. They need to pick a route they drive routinely and use ABRP or some other tool or god forbid drive the route in both cars to experience reality.

    They also fail to mention that a potential buyer should probably wait at this point and see where the EV Tax credit falls in 2023. Go ahead and get your order in but don’t take delivery until 2023.

    Finally, no mention of the difficulty of finding an EV6. I live in a major metro and within a 1.5 hour drive of me the cheapest EV6 is $50k for the Wind RWD trim. I suspect that car is a bait car as it has no details and the next cheapest is the same trim for $58k.

  2. I saw an EV6 for the first time yesterday when I was in my Stelvio, and I still refuse to call it an SUV.

    The EV6 is a modern wagon, low slung and barely any more ground clearance than a Vista Cruiser from the 80’s.

    My Stelvio still sits higher and has SUV proportions and calling the Stelvio a true SUV is still a stretch.

    I think the EV6 and Ioniq 5 are some of the best modern designed cars on the roads right now.

  3. This is actually a reasonable review. But they had to add that clickbait headline. Here’s the full conclusion:

    > I’d pick the Kia because it was fun to drive, charged super quickly, and offered almost as much range as the Tesla with more analog controls and a more accessible price point.
    > But if you prize a minimalist interior, tech features out the wazoo, and Supercharger convenience, go with the Model Y.

  4. Personally, I like the Kia EV6 because it sports a more traditional dash board and has a lot of eye candy at its price. I would probably never buy tesla because for the price, I expect more luxury and that car had no clue about luxury. Boring dashboard and everything on a tablet for 66 Grand? Tesla interior reminds me of government peanut butter in the can. No branding, just a white label that says “Peanut Butter”.

  5. There’s 3 Kia EV6’s sitting at my local Kia dealer. $10k markup on all of them. Price comes out to $65k.

    I test drove it, it’s nice, but I can’t stand the rear of the vehicle and it still has far less practicality than the model Y. Software and updates are no where near the Model Y either. The cooled seats here in FL were amazing though.

    Price being equal, I go with the Model Y. $25k difference, I’d take the Kia.

  6. The reviewer was saying all the good things about the 50k+ Kia to make compelling statement for his conclusion, but finally saying he would buy the $41k Kia which comes with an underpowered motor and lack of certain features. That $41k Kia is mainly for people who use the vehicle for around-town driving or short road trips.

    Personally, I would have picked the Kia if they kept the same RWD motor from the Wind on the Light trim

  7. Need to find an in-depth review on the software comparisons. I spend a lot of time in the car and it the UI is annoying it laggy it’s a way bigger deal breaker than cost or things like panel gaps

  8. I like the EV6 but wish they’d offer the RWD motor from the GT alone. I want more performance than the base RWD motor but I don’t want AWD. Extremely nitpicky I know but for what they’re charging I want what I want.

  9. I regret buying Model Y and not waiting for EV6. Kia has better quality and features (vehicle to grid, car play, etc). The only thing going on for Tesla is supercharger network which isn’t a factor for me (always charge at home).

  10. I love when the market of millions of participants disagree with one person writing a review after a few drives and then we get to discuss what reality is.

    The simple fact that the Model Y commands a higher price in the market (at higher volumes!) tells you which product is generally perceived to be more valuable.

    But oh, the wise Redditors will now tell us why that they also agree with the reviewer! You see, consumers are fools, but thy wise Redditor knows, as does Business Insider reviewer #4B.

  11. Because your Business Insider and always shitting on Tesla? Though for 25k I would look at a Kia also. Though a Model 3 is around 45k but I guess everyone only want’s SUV’s.

  12. Some fair points, but missing some features like AP and charger availability. Some just don’t care about the feature difference, some want a more traditional interior and can save $20K.

  13. I hope there’s someone in here from the UK, I want to know how EV’s handle the Road humps.
    My understanding is the the EV battery sits really low to the Road. I went to a Kia dealership and they showed me all the EV’s and told me everything I need to know, but I forgot to ask about the Road humps.

  14. The nearest EV6 Light to my location is 667 Miles away. I live in downstate NY and would have to travel to South Carolina to pick it up.

    Even with a RWD Wind, the nearest is 593mi away in Johnson City, TN.

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