I joined the club!

I joined the club!


I joined the club!

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Read it Too  hehehehe

8 thoughts on “I joined the club!

  1. Welcome to the family.Zoe was my firs love also back in 2018.I have maded 2500km trip with my family in the Sommer holiday( 2018 ) and ussed just gratis charging stations..Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to use quick charging.In 3 1/2 years I charged on public chargers 11-43kw and no battery degradations at all.Stay electric and enjoy your new life.

  2. Loved the ZOE, but as someone north of 6ft, it was a little cramped.

    However, one thing that always drove me nuts was the external noise emitter, I couldn’t stand the horrific drone it made. The version I had allowed you to disable it completely thankfully

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