I liked the ID4 so much, I went and got another one!

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38 thoughts on “I liked the ID4 so much, I went and got another one!”
  1. Eight cameras and four security lights. Are you cooking meth at home? Jesus H!

    What’s one going to see that the other seven don’t?

  2. Test drive this today and was blown away, absolutely amazing car.

    Don’t think the reviews do it justice at all.

    We will be ordering one for my wife as our main family car.

  3. Hey, stop hogging! Plenty of people haven’t even gotten theirs yet!

  4. Nothing like spending $3K on an integrated wired security camera solution in 2013 and then by 2020 it’s been totally surpassed and made obsolete by a $50 camera controlled by an app.

    Guess it would hurt to have to take them all down and put them in the bin so leaving them up feels like the money was well spent?

    Cool ID4s though!

  5. Congrats!

    Where do you live that you feel the need for so many security cameras? What happened?

    Is the cone and the huge sign a legal requirement where you live?

  6. At least he has a sign on the garage door letting people know he has security cameras.

  7. Like can I just go to a dealer and get one? My lease is up in 2 months, and figured I couldn’t get one of these.

  8. I wish I could get one. I don’t really have a place to charge it at home though. It looks awesome from the reviews though.

  9. The only bad thing I’ve heard is the infotainment is slow? Have you experienced this?

  10. OP has clearly reached the point where his possessions possess him. I wish you better health. Perhaps a sixth vehicle won’t bring you the happiness you seek either.

  11. It seems like a nice SUV, the door window switch is insane and would be a no-go to me. It nice to see something catching up with Tesla, and there is a lot to like on the VW, but the charge network is unacceptably terrible considering it’s VW’s own network and they can’t make the plug & go work. The lack of a front truck is sorta weak sauce, because it’s based off a gas front wheel drive train.

  12. What’s got you so fearful or do you live in a crime ridden neighborhood? I have 2 cams but yours seems a bit excessive.

  13. I can’t imagine buying a volkswagen, imagine 2. It’s like… Nah, not going there.

  14. VW thanks you for giving them more money for their sleazy anti-EV/emission/MPG lobbying efforts!

  15. What’s going oh on the hood of the white one? Looks like someone wrote on it or maybe it’s photoshopped?

  16. How is the user interface? I’ve seen lots of reviews that say it’s laggy and difficult to use but I really want to get one!

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