I will drive my hacky sack until it turns to dust

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45 thoughts on “I will drive my hacky sack until it turns to dust”
  1. Almost every tesla owner in my country had a leaf beforehand, and those leafs are now in new EV owners hands. Its all good.

  2. Felt the same way… Then bought a Tesla, no I didn’t trade the leaf in. I’m keeping that cute toad until the day it gives up.

  3. LOL this is me. 2015 Leaf <3

    I want to upgrade but can’t justify it 😀 It’s still running too well lol.

  4. I love my frog faced leaf! Might not be as cool as a Tesla but I can haul lumber and stone dust all day in that thing and it just goes and goes. I wanted to get a pickup truck until I realized I can do almost as much with the leaf!

  5. Any ev is a positive to the environment. Tesla owners need other brands to grow the ev share! Go leaf.

  6. I would probably cheer on other EV drivers. Maybe a thumbs up if I see them on the road

  7. What model year do you have?

    Not an owner of one myself, but I think the Nissan Leaf is still a good entry-level EV.

  8. When I got my Leaf people at work were trying to figure out who owned the “bubble car”

  9. Tesla owner here, I’m always happy to see any other EV, especially love the leaf because they were one of the OG EVs.

  10. Hacky sack? That’s just sad. I generally refer to Leafs as go karts. They’re cute.

  11. I feel attacked but my hackey sac Leaf is what I could afford though and an EV is better than no EV to me

  12. I try to give EV drivers the cars I recognize in time the thumbs up

    One time I gave another Leaf’er a friendly wave and the gal got so excited being recognized for driving the worlds most awesome car 😉

  13. Idk dude, I still stare at any EV I see when I am in my Tesla. I think they’re all really neat

  14. This is a cool thread, I’m an older guy and switched into selling solar a few years back from another career (I’m an EE, so I like electricity). I need a new truck, don’t really want to buy an ICE, but EV just a little out of the budget this year. So I tuned the truck and picked up a motorcycle that gets good milage. Kind of solved it halfway. EV next year. And looks cool pulling up to client houses on my bike lol.

  15. *cries in Renault Twizy*

    Not being able to afford insurance of a >45 km/h car is something to be proud for…right?

  16. In Nz the price difference between the leaf and cheapest model 3 aren’t that far off

  17. As an EV owner (M3), I laugh at the ridiculous ICE cars that purport to be performance sedans, which generate a lot of noise and waste a lot of fuel and rubber doing the same thing that almost any EV can do quietly. I’m just getting annoyed by all the noise.

  18. I upgraded from a leaf to the model 3. Every time I see a leaf I wish I didn’t ‘upgrade’. I almost never use the extra range. The cabin height was perfect for my height in the leaf. I could have kept the extra cash in my pocket.

  19. Meh, got caught behind a Tesla Model Y going 50mph in a 75mph zone this past weekend in my Leaf. There was a 30mph headwind on the route and they were limping it in to the nearest SC. Not even the courtesy of a “Texas pass” (pulling onto the wide shoulder to allow the line of cars to pass), though they had out of state plates so they probably weren’t comfortable with that Texas oddity.

    Speed kills efficiency, even on EVs with a good Cd.

  20. As a 2013 Leaf and 2018 Model 3 owner I still drive both and not ashamed of the Leaf. The Leaf for around town/commute and takes all the miles (92k) so I can spend my Model 3 warranty miles (40k) on road trips. I don’t laugh at any other BEV owners since they are allies in the fight to no longer pollute the air right in front of me I am about to breathe.

    I do laugh at $50k+ ICEV with dealer tags but understood they didn’t have much of a choice in BEV… till reciently.

  21. I’m hoping to get an extender pack in mine this year, but yeah, 2014 leaf, I’ll drive that thing until it’s wheels fall off. almost at 140k,km

  22. My 2013 now shows 52 miles at a full charge, which translates to about 35 real world miles. Time to get rid of it if I can find a buyer. $5500 sound about right?

  23. Love my 2015 Leaf.

    I would still be driving an ICE and wishing I was in a Tesla. Now I drive an EV and wish I was in a Tesla 🙂

  24. When I asked my interns if I should get a Leaf or a 3, they replied with:
    “Well, do you want to flex or be flexed on?”

    Turns out I want to be flexed on.

  25. Dude, if you drove an old diesel without a particle filter and a fart can then yes. Any other ev is a thumbs up from me. Wish I bought a Model 3 though, but my e208 is fun too. 🙂

  26. I like all electric cars and I always notice them on the road. I’ll drive my Model 3 for as long as she’ll take me, but any EV is orders or magnitude better than a stupid fossil.

  27. Before my Tesla P3D, I started with a Fiat 500e, which I nicknamed “Baby Tesla”. Great little intro into the EV world.

    Agreed with a previous comment here, “I see other EVs as kindred spirits”!!

  28. Tesla’s showing their age already to me, least the older models. Almost every paint job looks faded/dirty, and the covered rims don’t look great now.

  29. To be 100% honest: I love my leaf more than my Tesla. The only things my model S has going over my leaf are the range and the lane keeping.

  30. Leaf Plus does 0-60 in 6.5. That can certainly give some competition to certain Teslas in a stoplight dash.

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