ICE 2 EV Family in 7 days

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3 thoughts on “ICE 2 EV Family in 7 days”
  1. So on a whim I found a used 2020 Tesla online at a small dealership and went to check it out. Drove it and loved it. Traded in my 2016 F150 and only took the deal off I got in without a higher payment or money down.

    Well that irked my wife who has been sitting on the fence about what car to get for six months. And yes, I did ask her before buying it. Three times. So she went out the next week and was going to order but they had this First Edition available. It was more than what she wanted but I knew it would be a rough 6 weeks if she waited so I talked her into pulling the trigger.

    So an impulse purchase of an M3 flipped our household to electric. It’s sparked (!) so many conversations with neighbors and strangers around town! Especially her Mach E. People get really excited to see it. My wife went to a deli to pick up lunch and a couple came in, looked around, and approached her to ask if it was her car. Turns out they were looking at it outside and went in to “guess who’s car it was”! They were super stoked and of course my wife was too. Mostly to rub it in my face later. We have a running thing going on now about who’s car is better, or does something the other can’t. Obviously I try to take it easy on her because mine is clearly superior. She disagrees but it’s not the first time she’s been wrong.

    Now that I think about it she knows my Reddit account name. Keep me in your thoughts!

  2. That’s awesome. The houses in the background made me look outside to see if there was a new Mach-E and Tesla on the block (not that all of suburbia doesn’t look like that around here).

    Enjoy the new EVs! CPS is finally getting around to offering some EV incentives ([coming soon](, so hopefully they’re decent. Maybe hold off on a L2 charger purchase until those drop and keep in mind the 30%tax credit on EV charger & installation (up to $1k).

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