The online configurator is up as well: [](


Base price RWD: $44995 CAD

Base price AWD: $49995 CAD


The only two options available are the red colour (+$495), and the Statement package (+$8000).


Base models come with a slew of standard safety and convenience features. The Statement package includes the fancy lights, pano roof, power seats with massage, power liftgate, wireless Android Auto/Carplay (although it sounds like this should be on the base), trailer hitch, bigger wheels, and more interior colour and material options.


Honestly, it isn’t that bad. I kind of wish we had a Gradient and Statement package instead where we can get some of the features instead of everything.


The worst part about all this is their ludicrous lease rate of 6.49%. What are they thinking?!

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12 thoughts on “ID.4 Canadian pricing released”
  1. Volkswagen’s priced it (under $45,000 base MSRP) so it qualifies for the federal government’s $5,000 point-of-sale rebate. It will also be eligible for rebates in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

    It’s priced close to the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro, the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EUV, and is priced well below Tesla’s Model Y and Ford’s Mustang Mach E, both of which do not currently qualify for any federal or B.C. rebates.

    This will be a very popular vehicle here in Canada.

  2. This is pretty cheap comparatively to alternative: ie. model Y ($69.9K CAD): So $20K CAD more–$15.86K USD for more range, more performance, and probably better charging network in Canada. (compared to AWD ID4). Some people think Model Y is worth it and others don’t. This allows people to have more choices.

    Edit: ~~seems like Model Y in Canada doesn’t qualify for the federal incentive: so the delta is probably $5K more ie. $25K CAD instead of $20K CAD. then if you live in Quebec you get an additional $8K CAD (so total $33K CAD difference) and if you live in B.C. you get additional $3K CAD (so total of $28K CAD difference). Doesn’t seem like Model Y qualifies for Quebec and B.C. incentive.~~

    Edit 2: I am unsure if the AWD ID4 priced at $49.9K qualifies for the federal incentive in Canada, maybe a Canadian can clarify this.

  3. 45k CAD is around 30k€.
    Thats actually pretty cheap? Or is 20% taxes missing or something?

  4. If I get this RWD in quebec, will it be OK? Since the weight distribution is 50 50 and EVs are heavy?

  5. Statement package can only be added if you choose black as the exterior colour? And 6.49% lease? What was vw thinking?

  6. Honestly too expensive for my family. 🙁

    I’m sure DINKS out here will have no problem paying these prices but you can’t justify it if you have a family/kids.

  7. Just made this post few mins ago – [](

    Right now I see this post. Not great when seeing every EV cost over 30k. We seriously need affordable cars… But yes, this car is very good, one of the best EVs in the market, VW has a lot of experience on making cars and the ID.4 sure has good quality.

  8. Canadian federal rebate requires base model to be under 45k and fully optioned to be under 55k to qualify for the rebate.

    Awd with statement package will not qualify as it’ll be 58k, vs a rwd with statement package will be 53k – 5k rebate

  9. Does anyone know when we will be able to see a real one in the Toronto area? Are their any demos in Canada yet?

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