ID. Buzz – Full In-Depth Review

ID. Buzz – Full In-Depth Review

ID. Buzz – Full In-Depth Review

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6 thoughts on “ID. Buzz – Full In-Depth Review

  1. I hope the US version puts some AC vents in the back, or the poor occupants of the third row are going to suffer.

    Also, drum brakes on a vehicle this weight? Surprising. I hope that gets improved as well.

  2. Not a single innovative thing on the whole car… I have been disappointed with VW’s attempt at EV’s and their lame excuses to make them “familiar” to legacy cars. Its a mobile family power station and how do they use all that potential? One 12v cigarette plug, amazing.

    It looks new and interesting but in VW’s case looks are deceiving, its the same old minivan that has been around since 1999, the only thing new is it doesnt use gas.

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