Ionic 5 media controls

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11 thoughts on “Ionic 5 media controls”
  1. I would rather have physical buttons for the AC than for the radio and media functions

  2. I don’t MIND the climate control being touch, if the automatic system works well enough. In the end, I don’t fuss with the climate control much at all if it’s keeping me comfortable. Having a volume knob is an absolute must, though.

  3. Hotkey buttons are great, but you’re still not gonna convince me that solid state/touch buttons are better for climate control than [what I have now](https://media.ed.edmunds-media.com/bmw/i3/2014/lt/2014_bmw_i3_cc_lt_110615_717.jpg). My only complaints in that image are the seat heater controls: [Subaru](http://legacygt.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=240334&stc=1&d=1478385077) and [Lexus](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MnbMY_tkvJw/maxresdefault.jpg) spoiled me with knobs on the center console, which I like a lot more than clicking a button multiple times.


    If nothing else, at least put the temperature control on a knob.

  4. Not too different from the current Ioniq. Notably, front and rear windscreen heat are now also touch instead of buttons, and they’ve added a radio tune switch (but why?).

  5. Ugh. I hate this. I was just thinking today the Inioc 5 could be the one. But no way on touch screen climate control. This is an even worse layout than my Clarity with the touch media controls.

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