Ioniq 5 just arrived at a changing station beside us.

Ioniq 5 just arrived at a changing station beside us. from electricvehicles

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Read it Too  There are two pretty cool things about this image. 1) 16 stalls at Buttonhill raceway. 2) upgrading to 80 stalls at Harris Ranch! Lol

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  1. Oh that looks gorgeous. Having grown up with 80s concept cars this just speaks some sort of primal language I’m struggling to resist. It’s like what Tesla were trying somewhat less effectively with the (still rather cool) Cybertruck. Where the Tesla did shock and awe, this takes that Bertone / Blade Runner design language into a more refined and everyday direction without losing the purity. The only thing I’ve seen to put me off sending Hyundai all my money is the tiniest niggle – the slightly cheap looking chrome effect trims in the Asian Petrolhead video. Other than nit picking, this looks superb.

  2. Damn that is a good looking crossover. Any size comparisons to the ID.4 or Model Y?

  3. The video goes completely black for me after a few seconds? Probably reddit doing it’s thing.

  4. That thing looks sharp. Definitely on my radar when they come to Canada this fall.

  5. We’re in the UK, but this vehicle has German license plates and was delivered in a truck. It looks like they’re trying various 350kW Rapid chargers and running diagnostics from a laptop.

  6. Yep, looks like the new Braintree Essex Gridserve. We so need one of those north of Southampton, Hampshire. That Ioniq 5 looks extremely cool.

  7. I’m so exited that I will get my Ioniq 5 Project 45 in only a couple of months now!

  8. I’m jealous by all these good looking options that are coming out now that I already purchased (can’t complain about my choice, but there were limited options back then). This looks like a great car, hopefully it performs up to expectations.

  9. From the color list, I wanna say this is Blue Pearl but also kinda looks like the green they’ve teased

  10. Was this video taken on iPhone 12 by chance? It’s super bright on my phone and that’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  11. I’m finding myself actually debating between this and a Taycan, with the charge rate being a killer feature for me.

    I want the hatchback with enough space to shove in my mountain bike, and I definitely can’t do that with the Taycan. Maybe the Cross Turismo?

    I’ve got that kind of space right now with my I-PACE, but 40-minute rapid charging stops are starting to get old.

  12. I want to like it, but it comes across as too big for what it looks like (a MK 1 Golf).

  13. it’s amazing how fast an ev moves you don’t expect even a car to turn and change gears that fast.

  14. I’m kinda surprised how sexy this car is, it looks like a sketch; it’s has a very concept-car art to it.

  15. I was turning up my volume wondering why I couldn’t hear anything and then I remembered this is an electric car.

  16. The paint colour finish choices for this car are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Including several matte options. All makers should copy this.

  17. I wish it was branded as Kia. The Hyundai logo devalues it so much for me even those Kia is technically the “budget” line

  18. That guy drives like a prick. Any reason they needed to be driving that quickly in a parking lot?

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