Recently, I had a chance to spend a week in the 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack. During my time behind the wheel, I solicited the opinions of friends and colleagues. One of my friends asked for a ride, and invited his son along for the experience. I was more than happy to oblige; it’s important for kids to experience awesome cars when they’re young. It gets them hooked!

During our cruise around, we were talking about some of the many features of the Challenger. When talking about Uconnect, my friend’s son made the comment, “the Camaro is better for kids.” I thought it was a weird statement to make, since we were sitting in the much larger Challenger and we have similar, if not better, infotainment options. But no, the Camaro is better because it has a 4G LTE hotspot as part of OnStar, by his reasoning. This kid is more into cars than most, and that was an astute observation.

General Motors is the only one offering a 4G connection in their OnStar-equipped vehicles. The Uconnect in the Challenger has hotspot functionality, but it’s only 3G. That LTE speed difference is a big deal, and lets people run apps like Netflix from the back seat. Since most of our entertainment is cloud-based these days, having a high-speed connection like that is important to families.

So, if you’re looking to buy a modern muscle car, and you want to take your child with you, the infotainment options might be more important to them than you think.

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