When we had the Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler in earlier this year for review, we immediately wanted to take the roof off. It showed up with the 3-piece Freedom Top, and even though it was cold we thought, “why have a removable roof and keep the roof on?” So, we set about removing the roof. Since we never had a Wrangler in the review garage before, we weren’t quite sure … [Read more…]

This week, I’m driving a modern take on the classic muscle car; the 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack. Though known for the green Mustang that Steve McQueen drives, the movie Bullitt has the baddies driving a black Dodge Charger. The car chase scene in this movie is one of the best and often referenced. If you’re into cars and haven’t seen this moving, get the Blu-Ray (or queue … [Read more…]

Whether you are checking out a car show, or just out and about, you’ve probably had an instance or two where your cell phone suddenly loses power. An easy solution is an external battery pack. They come in many sizes, and we’ve used all variations of sizes and capacities. If you’re looking for something that can charge your device more than once, but doesn’t take up your entire … [Read more…]

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