It’s. So. PRETTY!!

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19 thoughts on “It’s. So. PRETTY!!”
  1. Every time I see a Mini SE I become disappointed at Tesla, Volkswagen, etc for not offering more than four shades of gray and one or two factory paint color options.

  2. Is that paint job a factory option, or did you have it done yourself? It looks good. I really like forest green color for cars.

  3. Looks great! I heard it’s super fun to drive, hope I get to try one some day.

  4. Man, I’m thinking between the Mini-E and the Chevy Bolt EV. Do you have an opinion between the two?

    I drive my car almost as much for fun as I do for commuting, btw.

  5. Not gonna lie, I never liked what Mini did with showing how this particular model was an EV (Yellow parts here and there + special rims, if I recall, which are really weird in some configurations). But here in racing green with Yellow accents, not only is it fine but it looks awesome! I hope its a blast to drive!

  6. Really looking forward to these one day soon being on CarMax in the low-teens. They seem amazingly-fun to drive.

  7. If you listen carefully, the startup sound includes MINI in morse code: — .. -. ..

  8. The gas powered mini had a button called sporty that made more engine noise, which I actually thought was ridiculous. Does this one have a button to turn on sound effects too?

  9. Had a MINI convertible when they first came out in the US. Not comfy over the highway anyway, so low range would bit be that big a deal in a 2 car family.

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