Japanese consortium agrees on standardized swappable batteries for e-motorcycles

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7 thoughts on “Japanese consortium agrees on standardized swappable batteries for e-motorcycles”
  1. > a joint project of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha, has reached an agreement to standardize swappable batteries for electric motorcycles in Japan

    It’s a start! I really hope chinese, european and american makers will join them.

  2. I sure they would follow Taiwan case, the battery swatch station should be located in most stores and visit points.

  3. Does anyone have any information on what the module size is? Physical form-factor, power, connections and BMS?

  4. From the article comments (author: **[ctromley](**):

    > I think it’s important to understand that the term “motorcycle” is used loosely here. It really applies to urban scooters and small, low-performance, short range motorcycles that Americans would call tiddlers.

    > This is because higher-performance road bikes require higher system voltage and therefore a series arrangement of swappable modules. That makes hot-swapping problematic. You need to swap ALL modules at once or the weakest will limit performance and/or range, or possibly brick the vehicle to prevent damaging that weak module. And then there is the issue of making all the modules easily accessible, a, major challenge on bigger road EMs where just fitting enough batteries at all is a challenge on its own.

    > Don’t expect this on touring bikes or road-burners anytime soon.

    Is that correct? Or would industry create a standard heavy-duty battery – which is a larger package with multiple in-series batteries within it?

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