“If you lose the front on a car you go wide. If you lose the front on a motorbike, you crash.” – Casey Stoner. I was preparing for a long weekend in Arkansas, and my front tire was toast. There was no way it would hold up for the trip up there and back. Last thing I needed was worrying about my front tire during a much-needed moto getaway. Fortunately, a local shop had a … [Read more…]

We’re about to spend $305 billion on highways and roads that we don’t need. That $305 billion over the next 5 years is part of the recently passed federal transportation bill. A lot of that money is related to highways and road expansions. None of that is related to motorcycles. The bill has things for rail projects, ferries, logging roads, the Export-Import bank, and even a … [Read more…]


I, for one, welcome our new self-driving car overlords. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing over the coming advent of self-driving cars. I think many of the fears are overblown. The move to autonomous vehicles are actually great for those of us who, eat, breathe, and have sweaty dreams about motorcycles. Lane Splitting Will Be Easier During lane splitting, or filtering for my … [Read more…]


I woke up at 4AM a stranger in a strange land, excited and nervous for what was to come. I was about to do my first track day at MSR Cresson. No matter how much I had read about track days, nothing prepared me for the impending moments of actually pulling out of the pits and heading down the track. I managed to get faster throughout the day and not throw my bike down the track … [Read more…]

Read it Too  #duet with @greberte But Seriously? if the X pulls this good the truck says it h...

Every new rider has some idea of what motorcycling is like. They are usually totally and completely wrong. A lot of life is finding the few things that make the big difference, and doubling down on those things. If you want to ride a lot and enjoy it for sport or transport, below are a few things to keep the experience from being a flaming dumpster fire of a time. 1. Dress … [Read more…]

While raindrops on kittens, and roses tied up with strings are nice, you can’t use them on a motorbike. Since today is my birthday, I’ve channeled my inner Julie Andrews and am posting about some of the moto related stuff I like or would love to try out. Here are a few of my favorite motorcycle things: (Warning, I may have thrown in a few affiliate links. Feel free to … [Read more…]

The best way to see the world is riding a motorbike. You get to be in the environment and still cover lots of ground in a day. You get sights, sounds, and smells you just can’t while being in a car. Some motorcyclists compare being in a car to that of being in a cage. Motorcycle trips are wonderful amazing things. Undertaking a road trip is a bit more complicated than just … [Read more…]

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