Jeep reveals three all-new BEV nameplates

Jeep reveals three all-new BEV nameplates

Jeep reveals three all-new BEV nameplates

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32 thoughts on “Jeep reveals three all-new BEV nameplates

  1. In the video presentation the Jeep brand reveals three all-electric SUVs.

    * US Market: ‘Wagoneer S’ BEV (2:30)
    * Europe: ‘Avenger’ BEV (3:15)
    * US Market: ‘Grand Wagoneer’ PHEV (4:00)
    * US Market: ‘Recon” BEV (5:00)

    All appear to be 2024 model years.

  2. That Wagoneer roofline is incredible. I don’t care much for the utility of it, but it’s rather amazing they were able to keep the profile of Jeeps of yore while moving towards the fastback aerodynamics of the Mach-E and Model Y.

  3. Great to see Jeep hop on this band wagon.

    I’m admittedly annoyed that the smaller of the BEV SUVs promoted in this announcement (the Avenger) is not being offered in the US. Not all Americans want huge bus -sized SUVs…

  4. I mean just when i was soured on Jeep brand they come out with this. Ugggggh im obsessed. Def niche aspects for extreme outdoor person but these are sick. 2024 seems like an eternity. We always get ish late here in US and pisses me off.

  5. I could see the Wagoneer and GW replacing the Cherokee and GC longterm, and the Recon replacing the Renegade and Compass.

    I believe I read somewhere that Jeep was moving away from Native names as a sensitivity issue and the conversion of their fleet to either 50% electric or 100% would be the time to do it.

  6. Did they actually make the claim their phev is “the best selling phev in the US”? ~~That has to be a load of bullshit right? Anecdotal but I see a prius/prime on the highway maybe every 2-3 minutes. I’ve seen two Jeep PHEVs ever.~~

    Nope I’m an idiot, they right.

    Edit: thanks for the link, totally surprised it’s #1

  7. Who is in charge of marketing at Stellantis? What in the name of Zues’s butthole were they thinking? Look at the demographic of Jeep buyers (no offense) but the majority of them are not going to like the zero charisma and Euro accent of Christian Meunier. VW, all day long. Jeep, not so much.

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